My “Collection” of Yankee Women

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I’ve been revisiting some of my “old” stuff. That’s a relative term. Old being a few months ago.

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I know the title sounds sexist. If that were my intent, it would be. There’s no intent, so, please don’t be offended.

There are some people that you need in your life. I mean the ones outside of your house. My wife could count in that list but, she’s not a need unless I were to count my heart as a “need”. She’s a part of me. I digress.

When I need someone to pray, I go to three people. One is Christian. One is Pagan. One is Wiccan. The Christian and I share the same faith. The other two and I don’t but, I respect the depth of their faiths enough that I go to them anyway. 

Last night I needed some prayer. I sent a group message to the three of them.Within 5 minutes all 3 had responded. Actually, it was 4 minutes from post to last response…

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The Tipping Point

miller davidge iii:

This is one of the original posts on this blog. It bears repeating

Originally posted on Stones in the Middle of the Jordan:

I have a friend that I truly admire, Z. She’s a Gulf War vet. She’s a great mom. She’s a gun owner. She’s a Christian. She’ the proud parent of her kids, one Autistic. She fishes and camps with her kids. She works three jobs. She’s politically conservative. Known her for years.

I’d been casually making fairly passive posts in support of marriage equality. We’d comment a bit on them. Nothing major. One day, Z told me she’s gay. I had no clue. It had never came up. I’m married, so that kind of thing, looking at her other than a friend, made me no difference regarding her. It was like tripping a switch in my head. My friend that I admired couldn’t get re-married if she wanted to because no one was willing to stand up for her. Pissed me off that a Vet was being persecuted by the…

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My Friend Aj Posted this Meme

This is a dose of sarcasm. It is also a valid point. If you’re gonna tell me that marriage is worth less because of what someone else does, don’t tell them they can’t get married. Also, make sure you’re not griping about the people that value marriage enough to fight for it.

*editorial, The only direct threat I see to my marriage is me doing something stupid ie relapse. I will not do that because I’d rather be married than high*

Enter Title Here

Finding a title or an unused subject is becoming a problem. I’ve used a bunch of variations on a theme. Finding a way to repeat the same thoughts is also becoming more difficult.

It seems that I’m running out of tools. *sigh* So, I’ll hit the high points…

I do not believe there’s a “gay agenda”. I believe it is a human agenda. We treat human, non-criminals, with the same rights.

I do not believe being LBGT is a sin. I do not understand, as a straight man, being LBGT. That doesn’t mean I think it is wrong. It is just something I don’t understand. Some people like spinach and peas. I don’t understand those things either.

I think that a marriage is sacred. I do not think a “civil union” is the same thing. I do not think it is the right of “we the people” to limit who may be married. If a specific church wants to limit it within that church, that is different. I think that joining a church is a choice. Being part of society as a whole is not. I also don’t think that someone else’s marriage takes away value from mine.

I think that I have done enough fucked up shit stupid stuff in my life that I have no room to judge how people live their lives. Besides, I don’t believe that different is wrong.

I also don’t think it is my place to say that my faith is the only “right” one. It is right for me. That’s all. *an aside, this is specifically being directed at my Pagan and Wiccan friends*

I write these in support of a diverse group of friends. I am proud of having those friends. It is not a pride based on their diversity. It is a pride based on the fact that they are good people that have allowed me to be their friend. As a matter of fact, it was after we became friends that I found out that they were gay or Pagan or whatever.

I believe that humans have worth. They deserve to be treated with dignity and respect…right up to the point that they earn disrespect. *editorial, that does happen*

Those are the high points. What they boil down to is we should be able to live our lives in peace and freedom from outside interference.

Just a Post

I’d love to write fiction. Just to turn this blog into a children’s book or something. That’s not what I get. I write a long op-ed page. *sigh* I get to write words in support of friends. I get to express “moral outrage” at the actions of others that think they should be outraged. Go figure.

I write a long op-ed page. *sigh* I get to write words in support of friends. I get to express “moral outrage” at the actions of others that think they should be outraged. Go figure.

I get to write about love and faith. Those are things worth writing about.

I get to write about some friends. I do not always understand them. That doesn’t really matter. They live their lives, loves, and faiths differently than I live mine. That, also, doesn’t matter. They are my friends and I love them. That’s enough. If it weren’t for Aj and Z, I’d have quit writing this months ago. They told me I could stop. Problem is, I just can’t. I write for them. I WANT to write for them.

I’ve written about my faith. I’ve said I’m a Heretic Christian. I’ve painted other Christians with a broad brush. In some cases that applies. In others, it probably doesn’t. I hope that’s given my fellow Christians reasons to think about their faith.

I’ve written about hate. I don’t like hate or fear. I have both.

I’ve also touched on my own past. I was an addict. I am not now. That I’m not and do not want to ever be again is something I think about daily. I’ve also avoided giving any “political” bias. What I hope is that you can not tell if I’m Conservative, Liberal, or Libertarian. If you can, I’ve failed. I think that the freedom to live your life transcends politics.

I write about having the freedom to live your life without being repressed because you don’t fit the mould someone else wants you to fit. That is also worth writing about. Someone needs to. Looks like I’m one.

This blog and this post haven’t turned out like I expected when I started writing it. It is hard some days. Other days it’s easy. Maybe some day, I’ll write fiction. For now, I’ll keep writing what comes out of my fingers. I’ll hope that it changes the world for the better. I’ll hope that someone might realize that there’s one Texan that doesn’t care that you are “different”. I want the world to be a better place for my friends. That means that it has to be a safe place to be different for everyone. That’s not too much to ask. We are all different in our own way.


Musings on Heresy and Pagans and Friends

It has been a busy several days…month or two…so, the posts have been short or pics. This isn’t short…or a pic. *grins*

I really don’t understand the hate that different sects of the same faith have. I was reading a blog post by a Pagan, I think, that was putting down other Pagans. *editorial, this is not intended to be a shot at Pagans or followers of Wicca or anything else. It is just an example. You could substitute Christian just as easily* He was also bashing Wiccans. His reason, their beliefs weren’t exactly like his. It became odder when he had another post talking about how his faith was like being Jewish in 1930’s Germany. If that is the case, why be divisive? Why not stand with those of your faith and present a united front?

I get differences in dogma. The way I view Christianity is best-described as Heretic. My views don’t quite line up with the Progressive, Liberal, or Evangelical parts of Christianity. Without going into a theological debate, I tend to “cherry pick” *editorial “do you believe all of the Bible?” “depends on how you mean that…”* My tendency is to ignore the parts that exclude the souls of others or consign to Hell those that do not fit a specific mould. My belief is that it is the place of God to figure out, not Miller. My belief is also that we are created the way we are for a purpose. That means, specifically, that I do not say you can not be Christian because you are LBGT. In fact, the first person I go to for Christian prayer is Z. She’s a fine Christian Lady. She also happens to be an “L” in the LBGT. Why would one preclude the other?

Is this making sense? I knew Z as a Christian before I knew she was gay. By the time I found out that she is gay, it didn’t matter. Hadn’t mattered all along. It had just never come up. Why would being gay make her less of a Christian? If we both worship the same God, what difference does it make if she loves the same gender as my wife? It is the capacity for love that matters. Why would I presume that God pays less attention to her prayers than mine? *editorial, I have

*editorial, I have bias. I think Z is a “neat” person. Sorry about the dated slang. She’s a person I like having as a friend. If my choice is to exclude her or adapt my beliefs and thoughts to include her, I’ll adapt*

I also have Pagan friends. I go to them for prayer. I don’t understand the majority of their faith. I don’t understand the varieties of “religions” that fall under that broad umbrella term. Sorry, I just don’t. What I do get is, that, if I ask, they “pray” for me. They don’t question my beliefs. They just respect that I have come to them and answer. In return, I pray for them, when they ask. Seems fair. It isn’t my place to judge them for being different. If God had wanted them to be the same, He could have done that.

*editorial, See? Heretic*

Anyway, all of this wandering around to get to this. I think that matters of faith and love should include, not exclude. The group of people I trust includes some Pagans, a Wiccan, some Lesbians, my wife, some Christians, and, occasionally, myself. I don’t question the value of the souls of any of them. I think that I have Christian friends that will disagree with my views. That’s fine. We disagree. As long as the disagreements don’t turn to hate, we can remain friends. If the disagreements do become matters of hate, I’ll just remove the conflict. Some of the finest people I know do things differently than I do. That doesn’t make them bad or wrong. It makes them different. That’s it. They are still Great Ladies. They still keep a Heretic Christian as a friend. If they’ll have me, I’ll count myself blessed.

This Feels Like A Poem By Coleridge

Every day I write some lines repeating the same trains of thought. It is very simple. There shouldn’t be any qualifiers before the word “marriage”. I didn’t get “straight married”. I don’t think it is “gay marriage”. It is just marriage.

I haven’t mentioned it lately. I am a Christian. That doesn’t change my views of social issues. It also gives me this odd bias. Because I think we are created in the image of God, I think that being the way you are is by intent. That makes it hard for me to judge someone’s faith or orientation as a sin. It is just the way you are created.

Today, Dear “Wedding Guest”, this is what you get. It’s just a repeat of the views of one person telling the same story over and over hoping someone listens.

Freedom of Religion and Marriage Equality

There is a place in my house that belongs to my wife and me. We have a rule, “no electronics in the bedroom”. That space is ours. The tiny exception is a phone used as an alarm clock. Other than that single reason, no electronics. Period.

The reason that comes up here is because we were talking. She said some things that made me glad it was dark. I got misty eyed. I don’t like it when people see that in me. It reminded me why we are married. We need each other.

That for this…Not everyone wants to be married. Some of us need to be married to the person we are married to. I am one. My wife is not the perfect person for everyone. She is the perfect person for me. I love my wife. I love being married.

I’ll keep saying Marriage Equality should be the Law of the Land because of that. To deny someone else a shot at the institution I treasure is cruel. To say that what others might see as imperfection should not be is wrong. To judge someone’s marriage based on an arbitrary standard is just that, arbitrary.

I understand, if not agree with, having a religious view that says that being LBGT is a sin. I also contend that imposing a religious view on a “social issue” deprives me of my Freedom of Religion, too. It seems that when we use religion to limit others practices sets up to have the same applied to us. It is protecting that which we disagree with or don’t understand that gives us protection from those that would do the same. When we impose our views on what adults do in their homes and bedrooms, we risk having the same done to us. We demand the right to have free practice of our faith and then deny that.

If your religion doesn’t support Marriage Equality, that is your right…within your church. If you decide to impose your religious view to society as a whole, do not be surprised when, someday, someone else decides to impose their views on you. Please don’t cry to me. You gave up that right the moment you decided to mix religion and social issues.