Repeating Myself

Do you ever think you’re repeating yourself? I know I do. I am sure that I have rephrased the thoughts in this blog in as many different ways as I can think of. It happens.

Here’s the deal, I gotta keep trying. I wish I could find a way to be “new and fresh”. Even if I can’t, then a repeat will have to do.

There are just a limited number of ways my brain can find to say that hate is not a Christian value. There aren’t that many ways to say that love is a good thing. Saying, again and again, that being gay is not a threat to those of us that are straight becomes repetition. Hitting the point that marriage equality doesn’t diminish my marriage is still a theme that I keep saying.

I’ll try it again, ’cause I have to. Some of the followers of this blog are gay. My friend, and muse, Z is gay. She, and they, are neither good people or bad people because of that. Being gay doesn’t affect how good a person you are. It merely means that you are capable of love and seeing yourself for what you are. Good or bad within a person is a matter of “content of character”, not the gender your brain is wired to love.

I’ll keep repeating myself because I have to. When it doesn’t need to be done, I’ll quit. In the mean time, there’s a line in a song “he’s a one trick pony”. That’s me.

I Don’t Wanna

There are days when I just “don’t wanna”. This is one. I don’t wanna get up. Don’t wanna go to work. Don’t wanna deal with the “happy people”.

It doesn’t matter. No one cares what is happening here. Besides, I’m a “big boy”. That means that keeping commitments, that I decided to make, count. It means keeping my word to my boss is important. It means that doing what I told my wife I’d do is a priority. It means that, since I told Z I would, I do it.

The fact is, I’ve been tired before. Life intrudes on “wanna”. I’ll live.

All that to get to this, I don’t have it so rough. Neither does my demographic. Being straight, white, Christian, and male doesn’t make me actively persecuted. No one is passing laws to deem me sub-human. No one is filing court cases to restrict my life or love. If I need to, I can take a day off.

I don’t want to remind the person I write this in support of, Z, or the readers that find support here that y’all don’t have that option. Sorry to make the point but, y’all don’t have the option that I do. That makes my whining kind of ludicrous.

Someday, sooner rather than later I hope, you will have those options. Hopefully the USSC will settle things. It won’t stop people from disliking you any more than it will stop people from blaming me. At least, though, when you “don’t wanna”, you’ll be able to take a day off.

Do Not Take Counsel of Your Fears

The Bible says “do not take counsel of your fears”. This comes to mind because we are moving. My wife worries. She’s the one that says “what if…” I’m the one that says “don’t worry, Dear, it’ll be ok.”

I read some sites. I look at the silliness that the comments and the “anti’s” post. THEY have listened to their fears. They have connected a bunch of dots and come up with what they want to believe and not the truth.

The truth is that being gay doesn’t lead to fill-in-the-blank any more than being a straight male leads to being a rapist. The truth is that my gay friends don’t want to eliminate the straight population. The truth is that Z presents NO threat to you.

The truth is, also, that there’s a part of the straight population that DOES present a threat to my gay friends and Z. *sigh* That they have listened to the voice of fear. That they want to eliminate the gay people in our world. That, to use a Texasism “just ain’t right”. That they demand freedoms and rights while denying them to others is a standard I want no part of.

Human rights are for humans. If I was to listen to my fears, I’d start denying rights, too. I’d deny them to nutjobs that haven’t bothered to ask questions like “if I didn’t decide to be straight, how can I say someone ‘decided’ to be gay?” I’d deny them to the people that have taken my faith, Christianity, and used it as an excuse to hate. I’d deny them to the people that advocate harm or rape as a “conversion” tool. In other words, I’d deny them to those that advocate hurting humans.

I don’t expect people to see my views as correct. I hope I’m not in a minority with my view that “straight humans” and “gay humans” are better described as ALL humans. I know that people disagree with my views because I’ve had people argue with me or stop associating with me because of my outspoken views. Good for them. I’d rather drive them away with the truth than to fear their loss and remain silent.

Don’t listen to your fears. Fear is irrational. Be cautious with what you listen to, that’s fair. Be rational with your beliefs.

My Life Intrudes

In every life, there are things going on that are unseen by people. My life is the same. There is stuff happening on my side of the screen that shouldn’t affect what happens where you can see it. The only reason that makes a difference is that, the circumstances will be around for a month or so. It’s not a big deal, just usual “chaos”. It will get resolved, i fact, it is in the process.

I’ll apologize in advance for “cheating”. By that I mean, short posts, reblogs, or memes. I’ll try to say something worth reading as I am able. The rest of the time, you get what I have left. I hope you guys understand. I did give Z my word and I’ll do my best to keep it.

If I’m not here, neither Z nor you have been forgotten. Again, apologies in advance.

To Paraphrase a Meme

I know this thought is a paraphrase of a meme…

It doesn’t matter who you love or how you love. If you are a dick, being gay or straight isn’t going to change that.

If you are a Christian and say “hate the sin”, then you have consigned someone to Hell. That’s not love. Try, “love the sinner and don’t care about what the sin is.” Then you are doing what Christ did. It’s not the “speck” in their eye that’s the problem. It’s the log in my own.

*editorial. I know that it’s an “unconventional” belief for my demographic but, I can not find it in my heart to see being gay as a sin. My friend Z is the way she was created. The capacity for love and its expression is not, in my opinion, sin*

I’m Drawing a Blank or, This Is What You Get Today

My life isn’t that rough. This is the mentally hardest thing I’ll do today. It’s just that life is deciding to be complicated. I’m typing these words without a clue what I’ll write. It’s just that I gave my word and I’ll keep it.

This page is a protest and a support.

The protest is against homophobia and hate. It is a support for a dear friend, Z, and her right to love without being discriminated against.

This is what I have, today. The unreasoning hate of any person for an act that is unseen, legal, and, frankly, none of your business is stupid. It makes you a busybody and a hypocrite. Why a hypocrite? Because, I’m sure, that there are parts of your life that fit that list that you don’t want to be judged for either.

Why is it in support of Z? Because she earned it by being the trustworthy, sarcastic, loving person that she is. Who cares what gender she is attracted to? Better to support her right not to be judged for it, than to hate her because of it. She hasn’t earned hate. She’s an upstanding citizen that believes in this country and its form of government, even when it tries to repress her. She’s also a human. Not some type of animal that can be denied basic human rights because of your prejudice. Besides that, she’s a dear friend and I don’t let friends be persecuted without speaking out for them.

In the end, her rights aren’t “gay rights”, they’re human rights. Either you support the concept for “equal protection under the law” for all human citizens or none.

There Are Some Depraved People In the World

There are things I don’t want to contemplate. I, because of this blog and my stand for Z, have learned about depravity.

I’m not talking about being gay. I’m talking about the “anti’s”.

In their mind, someone could “screw” her straight. They could,also, use something called “conversion therapy”. I’ve found out that conversion therapy involves, among other things, electrical shock. What kind of depraved barbarian would want to do those kinds of things to someone they, allegedly, love? Who, in their right mind, would presume to think that inflicting an act on an other that is repugnant to that person would influence them to change? Where is the logic that says torture is a good thing? The worst part is that they think they would do it in the name of God. I am a Christian. No where have I found that it says that doing these unspeakable acts to an other is within the will of God.

I don’t want Z to change. She’s fine just the way she is. Why, outside the context here, would her being gay have any affect on my life? The only reason it is of any importance at all to me is because I spend time defending her right to be the way God created her to be. She’s not perfect. She’s human. Capable of love, hate, anger and happiness. Being gay wasn’t a decision she made and no amount of hurt can undo it. Being gay is also not an imperfection. It merely means that she and I are attracted to the same gender.

I don’t know what else to say. I am angered  by what some people would contemplate doing to my friend. I wish that I had never learned that people would even contemplate, much less, act on those ideas. I think that there are people that spend too much time worrying about other people’s sexuality and not enough time on their own lives.

I wish there was a way to un-know about this. I don’t ever want to think about someone wanting to hurt my friend. Some people are depraved. Z is not one of them.

Stats Don’t Matter

I have a weakness. I read the stats on the blog. I look to see if anyone “likes” a post. I check to see if anyone reads a post. I hope for a comment.

I miss the point. It really isn’t about numbers, likes, or comments.

It is about Z. It is about you.

If one person reads a post, that’s enough. If no one reads it, I tried. The point isn’t to get numbers. It is to support Z. It is to tell a reader that you are not alone. It is to stand up and say “the way you are treating my friend is wrong and that has to stop”. The point is to say “equal is equal. Period.” The point is to say that marriage equality is not “extra” privilege but, equal protection.

The point is to try to persuade that hate hurts the hater worse than it hurts the hated one. The point is to try to convince or cajole those that would fear into changing their fears. The idea is to let them know that homophobia discounts the person and hates a label.

The point is to help people see that there’s nothing to fear from love. To teach them that the form might be different but, the base is the same. That it doesn’t matter how you love as long as you do love.

It is also for me. If I’m the only one that ever reads them that, too, is enough. That I have to write something and expand my own capacity and creativity is enough. That, every day, I try to find a new way to spread the same message. That I get to talk about my friend and keep my promise. That, for this moment, I get to build someone up. That is enough.

If you do read this, Thank you. If you comment or like, again, thanks. Yeah, I’ll look at the numbers but, I’ll keep reminding myself that touching one person is enough.

Maybe I’m Stupid

Maybe I’m just stupid.

I am not smart enough to be able to understand hate. I can not figure out why someone would fear an other person that means them no harm.

I can not figure out why someone would not love having Z in their world. I don’t get the idea that she is a threat to them. I don’t want to know why someone wouldn’t rather have her in their world than to exclude her and, by doing that, diminish themselves.

Why be exclusionary? Why reduce a complex human to a simplistic prejudice because of one aspect of their whole being?

What basis to call someone “perversion” or “abomination” without realizing that, to them, the same applies to US?

What basis for saying that my friend wants everyone to be like her? She doesn’t. She’s unique, as are all the humans in the world.

Why say there’s a “gay agenda” without also saying that they have a “straight agenda”?

It seems that the ones wanting to convert the world to their views and perspectives aren’t my gay friends but, my “militant straight” friends. Why assign that motive, without recognizing their own?

Maybe I’m stupid. If stupidity is taking my friends as they come and loving them for who they are and the “content of their character”, then I want to remain stupid.


I said in the previous post I would talk to the homophobic guy at work. If it happens today, I’ll make a follow up post. If not, some chance will happen and I’ll update and post when it does. Work can sometimes be very hectic.