Fear or Enemy?

What do you fear?
I’ll start, you can ask Aj but, Tarot scares me. I don’t understand it. I have years of conditioning against divination. I don’t really want to learn much more than that. Add Ouija boards to that list for the same reasons. My faith has taught me that they are tools of demons and the devil…
My best friend is Pagan. If you read the second line, you can figure out that it’s Aj. By all rights, I should be scared of her for the same reasons as Tarot and Ouija but, I’m not. Why? Because I know her.
There’s an old expression, “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”. What if there’s a third path. What if you don’t want to “beat ’em” or “join ’em”? How ’bout this, encourage them? That works, too. Hunh, Aj. Meaning, you don’t have to be the same as the people you love. You don’t have to do the same things. All you have to do is enjoy them doing the things they do.

So, back from that digression…Just because something scares me, it doesn’t mean I have to be afraid of it. *This’ll make sense, I promise* I can not drink. Ever. If I do, the failure will be complete. It doesn’t mean I’m scared of alcohol. It doesn’t mean that, out of fear, I think it should be banned. It doesn’t mean I lash out at people that drink. It just means that I don’t.

Other differences are the same. Just because I am not Pagan and parts of what some of my friends do goes against my preferences and conditioning doesn’t make it wrong…It just makes it not right for me. That’s the odd thing about life. We can not approve of something for ourselves and think it is entirely proper for someone else. I’d no more change the Pagans I know than I’d become Pagan. It fits them like being a Heretic Christian fits me.

There is a perception that the things we fear or are different are our enemy. That is not always the truth. None of the Pagans I know are out to get me. *editorial, I don’t fear them. I just recognize their faith as different than mine* They are not waging a war against Christianity. They are just trying to live their lives in peace. The problem is that, because of a false perception on our part, we feel that we must react to a perceived threat. We think, without knowing, that we have to respond in kind to something that does not exist…

Perhaps we need to take a step back. Perhaps we need to look at our own bias and not think that we should project that on to others…Back to the top, I do fear Tarot. That makes it wrong for me. It doesn’t make it wrong for someone else. It doesn’t mean that the people I know that do Tarot are wrong. It merely means that it is wrong for me. Aj has been doing Tarot since she was 14. If there is a person that is more firmly on my side, outside of my wife and blood kin, I don’t know who it would be. If I were to fear her because of something she does, I’d remove my best friend. I may be any number of things but, I’m not stupid enough to do that.


This post used Pagans and Aj as an example. You could substitute any number of other differences. LBGT/Straight or Liberal/Conservative/Libertarian are the ones that come to mind. Different does not equal enemy.

So What?

I read an article the other day about some guy that had won a Silver Medal in some Olympic event and finally decided to come out. My first thought was “so what?” Maybe I’m missing something or maybe I’ve written so many of these that it just doesn’t make any difference to me but, why is that news. It’s like me coming out as balding. Yeah, I’m losing my hair. It happens.

Let’s veer for a sec. What constitutes morality? Is it who you sleep with?Is it who or how you worship? Or is it, in the words of Dr King, “the content of their character”?

I do not equate gender preference with morality. In fact, I don’t even equate the dogmatic belief that premarital sex is immoral. Yeah, I know that flies in the face of what I am supposed to believe as a Christian. I get that I could, and probably should, be accused of “cherry picking” the Bible. I also do not equate having the same faith as mine as being the only exclusive path to morality. I know and love some “godless heathens” that are the most moral people I know. *editorial, they would say they have many gods*

Morality, as defined by the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, is “descriptively to refer to some codes of conduct put forward by a society or, some other group, such as a religion, or accepted by an individual for her own behavior”. For my own use and for the values I hold, being LBGT or “not Christian” is not immoral. To me, it is far more important that someone is truthful, honest, loving, compassionate, and kind.

So, back to where I started way up there. If the guy had come out as a closet jerk that was mean to people, I’d have cared. If he’d admitted to being mean and hypocritical because he said he was a good guy and was not, that would have been a big deal. If he’d said he was a spousal abuser and had no remorse or intent to change, huge problem. He’s gay? Yeah yeah, now tell me something important. Society needs to grow up. Intrinsic traits need to stop being stigmatized or sensationalized. Bottom line is, who you f**k or how you pray is your business. It affects you and your family. We don’t have any business caring one way or the other. We need to know your character.


I hope this made sense. I am not trying to say “don’t ask, don’t tell”. I am also not minimalizing the struggle he had. I am trying to say that we, outsiders, need to look at the person and base our views of them on that.

Some of the people I hold most dear and keep in my prayers had these struggles. They faced having to come out. I love them and respect them. I just don’t care that they are not straight or not Christian. I love the whole of them and pray that they are safe, not for them to change.




Not Doesn’t Mean “Against”…

It’s the political season so, I’m going to try to make this “one size fits all”…

If something is not for me, that doesn’t make it right that I should try to ban it or repress it. It merely means I don’t do it. It also doesn’t mean I don’t have a right to not be exposed to it. I’ll attempt to make that make sense. *grins, pardon my convoluted logic and sentence structure, I’ve had some changes in my off line world and it’s been a long several weeks*…

I do not drink. I can not drink because some people should not. I am one that shouldn’t. That doesn’t give me the right to forbid everyone so that I am not exposed.

To extend the thought, we have a view, in my opinion based on our political system that is designed to polarize our nation, that not being something means we have to be against it.

My best friend is Pagan. I am not. I am Christian. That doesn’t make me anti-Pagan. It just makes me not Pagan. In fact, if I had to say it, I’d say I am pro-Pagan because my best friend is and it is a part of her. *editorial, I know a bunch of Pagans, there might be some people that are a$$holes but, the ones I know are not*

I am not a Lesbian. I am straight. Being straight and Christian does not make me anti-LBGT. It merely makes me not LBGT. Z is a Lesbian. My world would be much diminished if she were not in it. If part of her were to change, she would not be the person I know and love. So, since I am for Z, that seems to make me pro-LBGT because I don’t want the tiniest bit of Z to change.

How hard can it be? We have been conditioned to see someone that does something that we do not as our adversary. We have been told that gun owners are the adversaries of people that do not. We see Vegetarians as the enemies of us bacon lovers. Conservatives and Liberals are told that holding different views are reasons to denigrate and vilify the other. We have been beaten about the head and shoulders with the slippery slope arguments about non-Christians and LBGT’s leading to attacks on Christians and the downfall of our country. Our fears have been fed and pandered to by people that want political power and truly do not see any of us as individuals.


Maybe I’m wrong…probably not…Maybe the people I love really are out to get me…or maybe they’re too busy living their lives to be out to get anyone. Here’s a thought, when you think that someone that does something differently than you is anti-you, ask yourself, “do they know me? Do they really care how I live my life?” It is that simple. Aj is not trying to convert me. Z isn’t trying to turn me gay. *grins, even if she was, I’m a married man and it wouldn’t do either of us any good*

So, here’s a thought, when a politician tells you that something is against you, wonder what THEY have to gain by being against it…or in the words of George Patton, “take not counsel of your fears”. It’ll be ok, I promise.

What I’m For…

I’ve written a truck load of protest posts. I’ve chastised and criticized and satirized. I’ve attempted to defend and offend. I think I’ll just say what I’m for…

I’m for families. They don’t have to have kids. They may be of the same gender or different genders. It makes me no difference as long as it is two humans that have committed to being a team.

I’m for hugs and kisses and cuddles. I’m for any two people that find comfort in the contact of their human making what connection they may. Life is too short to not feel the warmth of a person you love.

I’m for a belief in something greater than yourself. I’ve seen the pictures from space. Those photos don’t show humans, they show a rock full of life. We didn’t make it. It was here for us when we got here and it’ll be here long after we’re gone.

I’m for finding common ground. I believe in looking for the things in people that bring us together. We don’t have to share gender, orientation, or faith as long as we recognize the worth in the other person.

Really, guys, it’s simple. If we look at things as divisive, they will be. If we look to include, we do. My faith teaches love. That’s the message I need most. I am capable of being as grumpy and xenophobic as anyone, so I, me, Miller, this human in this skin, needs this lesson as much as anyone. At the end of things, I’ll go to my Maker alone. Till then, I’m for sharing my world with some people worth caring about. I didn’t pick the ones I share it with but, I am entirely grateful they picked me.


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a long couple of weeks. There’s a thought rolling around in here. I’ll try to get it to germinate and come out the way I want it to…

We don’t have to do something to support it or the people behind it. Where this is going may start with this example. A friend, Shelby, loves Halloween. I don’t. I REALLY don’t. Among other things, it makes my nightmares worse. What I do support is Shelby. She takes a huge amount of pleasure from that holiday. As another Pagan friend told me, it’s like Christmas. As a result, I have been collecting and posting a Halloween Album on FB for her. *editorial, FB is a weakness of mine. go figure* I am enjoying watching her reaction to the daily update and seeing the pictures she likes. She realizes that I am doing it for her and appreciates it. I hope this makes sense. My enjoyment is coming from the person behind something I don’t enjoy…and is giving me a reason to enjoy the holiday myself…

We are conditioned to believe that we must be in opposition to difference. “If you aren’t with us, you’re against us.”

I am not gay, yet Z is. Not only do I not oppose her, I encourage her. I want her to find companionship and love. I hope she does kiss girls. I’ll always support her and her life. I also am not Pagan. I’ve been taught that because I’m Christian, I MUST oppose my Pagan friends. The thing is, I don’t. Why should I be against the faith of some of the people that are dearest to me in the world? I want Aj, Kelly and Shelby, and the rest to enjoy and find meaning from their faith.

I watch and talk to and trust those Ladies. They, and their lives, are parts of what I count on for support in mine. I find that I need them as examples of faith and love. I see that they are unashamedly themselves. They are open with their beliefs and their lives. Those things are worth respect. Those things, the specifics, are also not my path. So what?

That’s the point I’m trying to make. Don’t look at the differences, look at the person. Don’t judge them as wrong because they do things that you do not. Look at the character and the life, see the Human living it. Different doesn’t equal wrong. It merely equals a perspective that is not your own.

I’m going to cheat, here. I’ll quote a FB status I wrote the other day and end…

“I have friends that are gay. I love and treasure them. I have friends that are Pagan. I love and treasure them. I am neither and, yet, they love and treasure me. Getting along with people that are “differently normal” lets us find people we love and treasure. Who doesn’t need more of both?”

Thoughts on Political Parties and Organized Religion…

I despise political parties. I’m not a huge fan of “organized religion” or TV evangelists. The reasoning behind that set of generalizations is that they remove our need to think for ourselves. We have “dumbed down” our thought processes to the point that all we have to know is, “They told me I should be against (fill in the blank)”. Now to digress and explain…

I am a Christian. Period. I can not see a time when I will not be. I have read the Bible, more than twice, cover to cover. I have worn out a couple and written/highlighted one of those to “unreadable”…and yet, I AM capable of making my own mind up about its contents and societal implications. I am able to look at its historical context and, in light of 2000 years of change, the place it should fit now. I also am able to realize that Jesus said and acted one way and the actions and words of Paul are NOT those of Jesus. On the Damascus Road, Jesus asked Paul, then Saul, “Why are you persecuting me?” Paul merely switched the object of his anger and persecutions. *editorial, you are allowed to disagree with me if you wish but, looking at his behavior, Paul relished his anger. He was not a nice person* Jesus spoke of love, introspection, and inclusion. Paul did not. So…*next digression…*

I came to my own conclusions. I decided that “hate the sin, love the sinner” was not written down in that book. I also realize that we are not called to say, “they are going to Hell” unless we wish to be condemned to Hell ourselves. Yeah, Jesus did say that.

I find that the entire bit about women and LBGT’s only fit in the historical context of infant mortality and a society that NEEDED to reproduce in order to survive. That a male dominated society only fit during a period that needed fewer men and more women because death during child birth means that more women had to breed *sorry to be blunt* and that it only took one man to impregnate multiple women, so, the bottleneck was women, not men. Also, men had a tendency to die more often due to the violence of the times. Those conditions no longer apply. 7 billion people mean that population is no longer a survival need. Big families, in order to produce food, are not needed. In modern society those things do not apply. Jesus never spoke to them, only Paul and, again, he’s not Jesus.

In light of the call not to judge someone’s soul, I don’t. I can not. It is that easy…

Political parties, politicians, and those that presume to tell us what we should believe pander to our fears and refusal to think. They presume that we believe that we MUST be against those that are not like us and feed on and promote xenophobia. They take away our ability to cooperate. They HAVE to. If they don’t, they are unemployed. It is a popularity contest. The preacher in his on his pulpit tells you that everyone that is not like you is out to get you. The politician tells you the same. Both want your money. Both want to keep their jobs. The only way they can is to feed your fear.

I have close friends, in fact my closest friends, that do not share my gender. Yeppers, they’re women. I should, according to Paul, not treat them as equals. If you knew them, you’d find that I would be missing out on their strengths and their friendship. My wife is my partner, not my subordinate. Two of those women are Lesbians. So what, I married a woman, I agree with their decision to love women. Again, within that group of three, two are not Christian, they’re Witches, Pagan Witches. So what? My faith calls me to show and example and live my life in a manner that is worthy of MY faith, not to judge their souls, “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” I DO NOT want the judgment I’ve earned. I want mercy. Again, within that group of three, the one that is not a witch is a Lesbian and does share Christianity with me. Yes, I believe it is possible to be both Christian and LBGT. If the argument against is is “Z is a sinner” then NONE of us may be Christian. All Christians sin, EVERYONE OF US does. It is, within the context of Christianity, impossible not to. If the argument against Kelly or Aj is “she’s a sinner” the reply is, “she’s Pagan and the concept of sin does not apply to her beliefs”.

Different does not equal evil or wrong. It is merely different. *editorial, I know this post is very similar to other posts. I don’t really care. It needs to be said over and over* When we allow a political party to dictate our beliefs, we fall in to the trap of giving away the independence that we, Americans, so prize. When we let ourselves be lured in by the idea that we alone are special, we discount the value and worth of others. When we listen to the loudest or most charismatic person that we hear, when we let flash dictate our thoughts, we lose the sight of what truly matters.

Substance is not flash. It isn’t shiny. It has “bottom” and depth. It is the result of thought, meditation, soul-searching, and work. It is the result of our own effort. It does not come with thoughts implanted by others. During the  months leading to that popularity contest next year, please think. Look at the ones that don’t merely pander to divisiveness but, are inclusive. Look away from party and to character. Look for wisdom and insight. Search out actions and not words. Then decide. Make your choices based on what you think and not what you are told to think.

That’s it. It is not too much to ask. *sigh*

Hurray for Our Side

I can’t find anything to write…and that’s a good thing. Today is the day I normally write a post because it’s my “weekend” but, other than the usual “politicians are making noise because it’s the election season and they are pandering to the lowest common denominator”, there’s nothing glaring to write about. So…maybe I’ll just tap away and see what happens…

I love my wife. That’s by far the most important thing in my life, my love for her.

Aj, Z, and Kelladillo are still the Collective Conscience. That, too, is easy to figure out. *editorial, there’s a “silent partner” that watches but, never says anything. No, Leanna, you’re not forgotten*

Pagans are not evil. Nor are Wiccans. Witches are not, too, either. They’re just not Christian. So what, I’m not Pagan, Wiccan, or a Witch. Doesn’t keep me from loving them and treasuring their souls.

Being LBGT does not disqualify you from being a Christian. It just disqualifies you from going to some churches that teach that it does disqualify you.

Having friends that are not exactly like you is a blessing. Meaning, as a straight Christian, having friends that aren’t straight, Christian or both has broadened my perspective. They accept me, even though most of “my demographic” might find some moral exception to one or the other of the things that don’t line up with straight or Christian. Oh well. I think they’re great. Wouldn’t change them if I could because then they would be different and I might not like or love them.

Anyway, this was just a “Hurray for Our Side” post. Aj, Z, Kelladillo…and yes, you too, Leanna, I love you all to bits. Thanks for loving me back.

The Walls That Harm Us…

I have lived Paranoid. For many years, I used meth. If you have never been awake for a couple of days trying to do enough meth to stay awake for more, you really have no clue how bad that can be. I have been terrified hiding inside my house. All the windows blocked. Jumping at every noise. Afraid that someone will want in. Scared to leave. Crawling around so that you can stay beow the chance of someone seeing in. Peering out through the tiniest crack looking for “Them”…I hid inside the walls, not realizing I created them and not wanting out because outside was Danger…The danger was me…The danger was the Walls…

I like on-line friendships. They still allow distance. My closest friends are on-line. There’s nothing wrong with that. My job forces interaction. I can not hide from it. On the other hand, home is a refuge. It is cool, dark, and quiet. My wife and my life are here…and my friends. People do not physically visit and that’s fine. *editorial, our house is small and there’s not much sitting room. That’s why*

I am no longer Paranoid. It’s been almost ten years since I last used. I can not imagine going back. The cost would be far too high. The price would be everything…

Anyway, the Walls…My best friend is Pagan. I am not. During the time we were starting to develop the mutual respect that led to realizing we were best friends, I had no idea she was Pagan. My world view, after I became sober, was concentrated around Conservative Christianity, and all its baggage…The day I found out, all that baggage came to roost. All the fears of Divination, Sorcery, and visions of Hell came home. I was hit with a HUGE problem. I thought I knew Aj. I knew she was “saved” because I knew her honor, honesty, character, and love. I was given a choice, tear down the Walls my learning had built or consign her to Hell and, by doing that, reject her. Like I say, present tense, “my best friend IS Pagan”. Those Walls that I thought protected me would have walled her out. They would have cost me someone that constantly if a bit testily *grins*, wants the best for my wife and me. I would have rejected one of the people that I, now, love as much as any of my blood family. That “protection” would have harmed me…and, I think, her since she would have lost the love and prayers I send to her. *editorial, my prayers are NOT for her to change but for my God to watch over and protect her*

The Walls…we think they protect us. We think that by excluding people we make ourselves safe. Nothing could be more untrue. Hiding below the windows denies the World. It only lets us see our fears. It creates Paranoid. The only things inside the Walls with us are our own Monsters.

It isn’t the outside we have to fear. It’s the inside. It’s the loneliness and xenophobia that says, “different is wrong” not realizing that EVERYONE is different…


For what it’s worth and to clarify, Aj’s beliefs do not include the concept of “Christian Hell”. Mine do. Either was, I do not think that her soul is going there. I’m not a “universalist” by any reach. I just don’t think that Hell applies to people not of my faith. I believe that God is big enough and powerful enough to have made a place for all His Creations…for that matter *grins* Aj would even dispute that part of my beliefs because she believes differently…*grins again*…

Why I Write About Z

Right after I started writing these, Z and I were talking. We decided to “throw her under the bus”. The point was that we needed a real person to be the “token” Lesbian. She volunteered. With only a few exceptions, she has been that person. The degrading comments that I’ve quoted have been directed at her. Either I’ve seen them or she’s related them to me…

She’s unashamedly a Lesbian. She doesn’t really hide it but, she doesn’t “advertise” either…unless you know her. On the other hand, she’ll get confrontational in an instant if someone starts talking about “those people” or any other way it happens to be phrased. To her, and me, being gay is a neutral expression. It’s like saying she has curly hair. It is just a part of her. It, by itself, doesn’t make her either good or bad. It merely makes her gay…and that’s it…

I keep thinking the entire issue will just go away. I suppose it’s wishful thinking. I keep hoping that the haters will be as marginalized as the KKK, loud but, irrelevant…then some group decided they’re offended by the fact that Z wants to be treated “just like a real person” and that her existence is “against my religion”…and the issue comes back…


My personal theology says that I believe in an omnipotent and omniscient God. I believe that the concept of “free will” is an illusion. I believe, although I don’t know why, that all things and all people are the way they are intended to be. I am finally at a point where “why?” is a question I no longer ask. I suppose that sounds fatalistic. That I have resigned myself to not acting because it doesn’t matter what I or anyone else does. I digress, as part of my beliefs, I believe we were created the way God intended for us to be. Yes, that includes male, female, LBGT, straight, Christian, Pagan, atheist, and every other faith or sect. *editorial, yes, I have listed “atheist” as a faith. Deal with it.* I do not think God created mistakes. I think yes, to be very specific, that Z is exactly the way she was intended to be just as I am the way I’m supposed to be. It makes no difference that she was created, among other things, to be a lesbian and I was created to be straight.

I am sure I “cherry pick” the Bible. I stick to the words of Jesus as the final arbiter and the OT as history. The books that come after, ie the NT, are commentary and opinion. Those, the “not Gospels” were written by men who had no personal knowledge of Jesus and have been added to and subtracted from in the various cannons over the centuries.

It is also an article of my beliefs that I DO NOT get to decide who goes to Heaven or Hell. I don’t get to say that my soul is saved and some other is condemned. I don’t even get to guess. That isn’t my place. Mine is to be concerned with mine and my Earthly actions. I am required to treat Gods Creations as if they have value and worth. If I am supposed to share my faith or attempt to “convert” it’s by the way I live MY life, not by judging someone else’s.

There is also a part of me that recognizes my humanity. I make mistakes. I can be deliberatly offensive. I intentionally do things that cause emotional stress to others. I’m far from perfect. I do not pretend that my views or faith have been unchanged over the years. I am capable of being a hypocrite. I have loves…and hates.


In the end, I’ll embrace being a Heretic. I’ll keep my views that being gay is as valid as being straight. I’ll continue to believe that I do not have all the answers about the Face of God. *Editorial, yes, that means that I may read the Bible and find it to be valid for me, I’ll not impose it on someone else* I’ll maintain the belief that being a Humanist and a Christian are not mutually exclusive.


This post is a result of the furor over that person in Kentucky. My mistake is not that I write her off as someone I disagree with but, that I read the comments of her vocal supporters. I read Hateful Christians that claim that being gay is a choice. That, somehow, they have a right to call Z, although not directly, “deviant” or “mistake” or “abomination”. I read those thoughts and wonder if they and I believe in the same God. I find myself trying to figure out how they got from “omnipotent” to “mistake”. I don’t really want to know.


This started out as a “Hurray for Z” article. It didn’t get there the way I expected. It still is, though. I love having Z in my world. I love the reassurance of her prayers for me. I sleep better knowing that, even if I forget, she remembers to watch out for me. That whole “Lesbian thing”? That is as immaterial to me as her hair being curly. Her person, the whole construct, is greater than any single part…funny thing is, EVERY human is that way. There may be a part of them we might want to change but, if we do, we change the WHOLE. I want her to stay just they way she is. That person, Z, has worth. That person is a place in my world that can be filled by no other and I wouldn’t change that if I could. That person is not a label or a demographic or a choice. That person, Z, is a gift that God gave to me…

Pull Your Pants Down and Other Random Bits…

I have an experiment…pull your pants down. Do you have “parts”? Good. We have established that you have them. Now, go up to a stranger. Attempt to pull their pants down. Did you get slapped? Good, now we have figured out that their “parts” are none of your d**n business…There is a point to this…Take it further, look at your parts in public. Take a long look and maybe play with them. Did you get some funny looks and maybe a “conversation” with a cop? The reason is that there are boundaries to what we think is permissible conduct. What is socially acceptable and what is not. What you do in private with your privates *pun intended* is your business and that of those you share them with. What you do with them in public is the business of those that do not want to see or touch them…

Religion is the same way. It is acceptable to have it. It is acceptable to recognize that others have theirs. It is NOT ok to inflict yours on someone else without their permission. *editorial, yes, I really did just compare genitals to religion* If you are in a place where people have chosen to find you, sharing and discussing faith or religion is your option because they have a chance to leave or rebut. When you force your views on someone that has no choice, there is no difference between that and any other emotional coercion.


Hey Z, you said, yesterday, that you told some people “I’m one of those fags”. I looked it up. It took a bunch of googling to find a definition that finally gave me this “Faggot, often shortened to fag, is a pejorative term used chiefly in North America primarily to refer to a gay man” *from the wiki* I think the term you were looking for is “Human” just like those “fags” are humans, too. Funny, not ha ha, how that works. I think the people that don’t see the Human have been spending too much time looking in someone else’s pants…


I was just talking to my wife and had this deep *grins…maybe not* thought. Cows follow a$$holes that randomly spew s**t on the path and don’t seem to mind. People are the same way. We get used to following the same kinds of thing and don’t even notice what we are walking in. Cows also follow the same path every day. Go look in a pasture if you don’t believe me. Anyway, if you follow someone because it’s what you’re used to, you get used to not thinking and walking in manure. There are other paths and other ways to get to the same end. Try thinking on your own. We may still end up agreeing but, at least we can share different views of the journey…


As an aside, I posted links to Aj and Kelly’s blogs in the Why Am I Here bit. I offered to remove their links. They left them there. I was talking to Z and told her that HER blog link could not be removed. *grins* There’s a very simple reason for that. I write these words. She is in every post. Sometimes I quote her. Sometimes it’s a conversation that starts the train of thought that ends here. Sometimes, it’s an article disparaging Lesbians or LBGT’s that does it. Sometimes, nothing…except that she was the one of the person’s that encouraged me to start. So, it may be me but, to remove her blog link would mean not writing and that’s not an option…


I think that’s enough for this morning. Let me make sure. Inappropriate joke, check. Religious freedom, check. More oddness involving animals and human behavior, check. Z being human, check. Aj and Kelly, check…Wait…missed something…Hey Z, kiss girls, play with boobies, go have fun… *grins* …got it now. Comment encouraging favorite Lesbian to do “stuff”, check. Now, I’m done…

Y’all have a good Monday. Try not to take yourselves too seriously. Hug someone you love. Breathe and relax, life’s far too short for hate.