It’s Our Fault

I make no attempt to hide my faith. That isn’t to say that I intend this blog to become a discussion of the merits of  it. It is only to lay the groundwork for where I am coming from. Faith, any faith, has been used as a basis for persecution of anyone that is “different”. That, as much as anything else, is a reason to keep bringing it up. If I want my right to believe as I choose protected, then I have to defend the rights of others to have their beliefs or lack of them.

That, to get to this, being different from me is not wrong. Being different is just different. Period. If your difference is gender, gender identity, perception of reality, faith, political viewpoint, race, or any of the other myriad differences that make us individuals, those factors, in no way, lessen your worth. When, we, as a society, tell you that you are worth less and impose restrictions based on those differences, that does not lessen your worth either. It lessens ours. When we tell a human that they are less than human, we lessen all humans. The only way that you can become worth less is when you actively participate in the process. If you, as an individual, choose to cheapen your own existence then you have become less.

Sorry, but the cards are stacked against you. Society has decided that we have to persecute someone. Tag, you’re it. Problem is that this is not some childhood game. It’s easy for society to say “it’s us vs them”. What we, as a collective whole, forget is that it is not that way. We dehumanize people that are different. We look at a statistic and do not see a collection of individuals. We see a number. We do not see the lives and loves behind the number. We buy in to the idea that we will be diminished because we have “allowed” someone to be themselves and not copies of us and our ways. We miss the point that if we were all the same, there would be no progress, no free exchange of ideas, no art, no culture, no music, no humanity.

Never, not for an instant, believe that you deserve less than any other individual. Of course, don’t expect it to be given to you without effort on your part, either. That, though, is a different discussion for a different day.

In the end, it is our fault. We bought the lie. We believed that different was a threat. We reacted out of fear. We sold you a bill of goods. We, by bringing you down, brought ourselves down further,


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