The Second Post

It was earlier today that I started this blog. I did something, as a positive step, that I despise. I took on a label. I said I am a “Straight Ally”. I really don’t like labels. *I started to say “I hate” them. That word “hate” is one I avoid* When I did that, putting on the label, I made a mistake. The entire point of this blog is to have people treated equally. By pointing out the difference, I am as guilty as the people that point out that they are different. 

In the end, pardon the darkness, we are all the same. We are all bound for the grave. There is nothing we can do to stop it. 

Yes, I know that we are all different people. We have different likes and loves. Yet, I believe, we are all the same in that we all have a mortal soul. I know some will question that. I know others will totally disagree. The purpose of this is not to change their minds about faith. There are enough other blogs for that. I digress. My bad.

Told you from the outset that this blog was about changing views. That means that even mine have to be changed from time to time. This is one of those times. I’ll leave the header listing myself as a “Straight Ally” even though what I really mean is “human being that is trying to help his friends that are also human beings”. Please bear with me, I’m a work in progress.



  1. We’re all works in progress. That’s what’s so beautiful about each individual life. We all start out so very deeply similar and our biology, or physiology, even out geography mold us into who we become and continue to grow into. Some hit a wall and stop growing others flourish on for years and years and the final masterpiece is stunning, breathtaking. I like to think I’m not done, not by a long shot. I’ve been ugly and beautiful and sullen and sad and happy and elated and will be all those again many times over before I return to the dust out of which I came. Till then, I’ll be a work in progress with you, MD3 ❤

    1. Welcome to it Z. You can walk along all you want. You can push me when I’m tired and pull when I’m stubborn. I’ll return the favor. Just don’t cross my wife or she’ll be the end of us both.

    2. Z, rereading this and having you in my tiny world makes me glad to have you as a “work in progress” with me. No, you are not done but, never think that you aren’t “stunning, breathtaking” the way you are now.

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