I’m a Coward

I am a lazy activist. Sorry to say that. I’ve started a blog. I make defiant posts on Facebook. I vote my conscience. I tell my family and friends I love them. That’s about it. It sucks. I won’t be marching in any “pride” parades. I won’t be putting a bumper sticker on my car. I’ll continue to live in my tiny little world and hope that’s enough. 

I wish it were different. It won’t be.

I’m a coward.

I don’t want to disrupt my ordered life. I don’t want the stress that hitting the streets would cause for my wife. I don’t want to see my picture in the news, even by accident. 

It makes me feel better to tell my friends and family that I support them. Sigh. It gives me some feeling of accomplishment to say “I object” as if that’s enough. It isn’t ever enough.

I wish I had the courage to act without fear of repercussion. I wish I had the courage to be at the front of the parade. I wish I had the integrity to go to Austin and confront the leadership of my state and say “You are wrong. Your beliefs are flawed”. I wish…Sigh.

I will say this, some of the finest people I know are gay. Some of the most faithful people I know do not share my faith. Some of the bravest people I know are not me. 

I’m a coward.


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