Let’s Play a Game

It’s time to play a game called Let’s Step Outside of Ourselves.

Would you willingly put yourself in a class that is ostracized by mainstream society? Would you willingly put yourself into a class that is repressed and persecuted? Would you actively rebel against “societal norms” merely for the sake of being “different”?

I’m assuming, knowing the danger of assumptions, that the answer is “no”. That being the case, why, then, would assume that someone else has made a “choice” to place themselves into one of those groups? Why would you assume that someone’s gender identity or faith was a matter of picking a group that would appear to you as active rebellion? Realistically, people are lazy. We will pick the path of least resistance. We want to fit in. It’s our nature to be part of a group.

My beliefs are that we are made the way we are because the Hand of God, the mechanism He used is a matter of debate. That faith and gender identity are things that we have no control over. Is it DNA? Is it environment? Is it a combination of both? I don’t know. What I do believe is that to judge someone because of something outside of their control is wrong. Period. To actively repress, persecute, ostracize, or label, is not how I was taught. If it is how you were, then, you need to find different teachers.


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