Norms of Society

The other day I was ready to quit making blog posts, work on the stuff I share with people, and basically shut down. I was worried that I was causing harm to people I care for very deeply.

This is part of what one of those people said to me. It is from Aj, She’s Pagan. She’s also my best-friend-that-is-not-my-wife.

“In my view, you are not causing harm. You are bringing to the forefront issues that need to be seen. We can not do these things alone. As you see we (the minority communities) have been fighting this battle a very long time. We need others, people like you to speak on our behalf as much as we speak out. With out the “norms of society” speaking on our behalf, we will always struggle to be heard!”

This is my response to her.

“I was picked by my friends to be their friend. It is a two way street. One offers and then another accepts. I accepted. Then, long after that, I found out you thought you are a minority. Why? Why would a kind, caring, compassionate, smart, witty, well read, loyal person have to be treated as a minority for one aspect of their life? Wonder how many people reading this would feel the same way? It sux. I’m not a “norm of society”, I’m Miller and I am proud that you and Z and the others reading this are counted as my family and friends.”

That’s the bottom line, I found out long after becoming friends with Aj and Sarah “Z” that there was one tiny part of their lives that caused ” kind, caring, compassionate, smart, witty, well read, loyal” people be treated as outcasts. They, Aj and Z, talked me into keeping on what I’m doing. It’s a sad thing that the people with the most to offer are pushed aside because of something that, in the end, makes no difference to the people pushing them out. If those are the “norms of society” i want no part. If my fellow Christians think that hating someone because they are Pagan or Gay is acceptable conduct, then I’ll keep on being Miller and not one of the “norms of society”


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