In Front of Them, If Need Be

I started this blog because some things should not be accepted. I almost quit out of frustration. That was covered in a different post. I have a hard time accepting that people are so blind to what they want that they can not deal with the fact that different people are just that, different. It’s really not that hard. You don’t get a vote in how anyone else lives their lives. You should not think that by letting them live their lives that you are condoning what they do. You are not. You are just treating them as you want and demand to be treated. No biggie. What I want is for the world to change. I want my friends to be treated with respect. I want them to not be treated as second class citizens. I want ME to not be treated as a second class citizen but, that’s for a different post and a different issue. 

It really boils down to this, and the point of this post, I’ll stand beside my friends. I’ll support their right to not be discriminated against for whatever reason. I’ll stand beside them and say, as a Christian, that using Christianity as a tool for repression is wrong. That we, Christians, can not claim to be persecuted if we are guilty of the very same persecution. Christianity has changed over the centuries. No one of us would use the Bible to advocate slavery. In fact, it does just that. No one of us would use the Bible to advocate treating women as chattel. Again, it’s in there, look. Why then do we treat other groups as less than fellow travelers on this rock?

I’ll be standing beside my friends, using my words, as best I can, to defend them against people of my faith. If I have to. I’ll be standing in front of them, if need be.


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