Thoughts on the Impending Demise of Fred Phelps

I’m worried about the coming death of Fred Phelps.

I’m worried that his hate will not die with him.

I’m worried that his “church” will go away. The second worries me because, we, those of us that stand against him, will no longer have him as a focal point to be able to say “that is wrong and there is an example”.

I’m worried that those of us who stand against him will celebrate his death. That worries me the most. When we hate that confused fearful man, we become that which we stand against. If my stand is against hate, how hypocritical is it for me to hate him?

Make no mistake, I believe with all my heart that he is wrong. I believe he fears being gay and that makes him hate. I also believe hating him for his hate makes me no better than he is. Pity, yes. Hate, no.

*Up date*

Fred Phelps is dead. Maybe he can find the peace in the next life that he lacked in this one. Maybe his hate will die with him.



  1. I’ve seen so many ugly things being said after this not so great example of a human being died. I wish people will just stop talking about him and move on. Maybe, like you suggest, him and his maker will have a long chat and something will come out of it.

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