I try to be a nice guy. I don’t always make it.

I smoke too much. I also drink too much Dr Pepper.

I use the word “fuck” far too often.

I am a driven person at work. I am hard on co-workers that don’t meet the same standard.

I am selfish.

I can be a hypocrite.

I am fearful.

I sometimes fight the demons of my past. They haven’t won, yet.

I like people in specific. I could care less about the world at large. That’s too big a group for me to focus on. So, I started this blog because of one specific person, Z. If she and Aj hadn’t encouraged me to do it, I wouldn’t have. If they give me permission to stop, I will. *see later confessions to get more insight*

I am naive. I expect people to tell the truth be what they appear to be, and be nice. I am surprised when they are not.

I want approval from the people I care about.

I don’t like everyone, in fact, I don’t like quite a few people. That also surprises me, because I want to like everyone.

I don’t want a lot of “close friends”. I have achieved that goal.

My wife is my best friend.

I am lazy and impatient.

I want the world to change for my friends.

I am a smartass.

I have a bunch more, but this is all you get.

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