Fear and Hate

I was talking to a friend and a thought occurred to me. Fear and hate are linked. We hate what we fear and we fear what we hate. It sounds simplistic. It probably is an over-simplification. The anti-gun agenda looks at guns with fear. As a result, it causes them to hate guns. *generalization, I know*

I think the same generalization holds true for those against marriage equality. Because they are afraid of gay people, for whatever reason, they have decided that hate is their best stance. What I don’t get is the root of the fear. Z is not someone to be afraid of unless you mess with her kids or come unarmed to a battle of wits. If you do either of those, then all bets are off. *grins* My point is, being gay or being married is not a threat. What is a threat is the mental construct that allows you to fear what you don’t understand without any attempt on your part to try to understand.

I’m not gay. I don’t understand the attraction to the same gender as me. Those things don’t matter because I do understand being in love. I do understand wanting to spend eternity with someone. Those things give common ground. When common ground exists, fear can be removed. When fear goes away, in most cases, so does hate. 

*editorial, there are some things that deserve hate. those things generally are called sociopaths*


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