We Came, We Chalked, We left.

This isn’t the “usual” fare for my blog. I have no idea where these young ladies stand on the focus of this blog. I merely decided I liked their message and re-blogged it. They have no idea my blog exists. I hope they do not take offense at being re-blogged here.

tsu chalk talk

On the morning of April 2nd, 2014, the students of Tarleton woke up to the sidewalks displaying positive and encouraging messages as they walked through their beautiful campus. They exploded social media with their discoveries and thankful wishes containing the hashtag #TSUChalkTalk. There are probably a lot of questions floating around: Who’s responsible for the chalky inspiration? Why did they decide to mark up their school? What is Chalk Talk?

Hi there! I’m Rachel, on the left, and this is my friend Alyssa, on the right.


I’m from Arlington and Alyssa’s from Grandview. We’re both freshman here and couldn’t be more excited to call Stephenville our home! Tarleton, as most of you already know, is an easy place to fall in love with. An awesome president who has incredible passion for the school, caring teachers who want to help you as best as they can, core values that everyone strives…

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