Being Nice

I’ve been thinking about the nature of being a nice guy. I try to be one. I’m not sure that being nice and being in a good mood are the same thing, though. Some days, I’m grumpy. Some days, I’m temperamental. Some days, I’m a tiny bit paranoid. Most days, I’m naive. That last bit is the key.

I don’t think that being nice always means that you are nice. I think it means that you expect the best from people because you try to do it for them. It means that you don’t expect to get messed over because you don’t do that. It means that you are a “helper guy”. *Miller Speak* It means that, unless you are given a good reason not to like someone, you like them. It means that you don’t see “different” as “wrong” or “evil”. It means being emotionally trusting. Not that you offer everyone the chance to hurt you, but that you do trust someone with your feelings. It also means that you stand up for your friends and your family. It means trying, it’s hard, to set aside hate. It means putting others before yourself.

The up side of being nice is that it’s low stress. The down side is that nice is work on the days when you want to be not nice. All in all, though, I like being nice,


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