Before I get into these, be aware that I kind of try to pare my thoughts into small bits. I also write in first person because I am not someone else. *grins*

It isn’t all about me. In fact, very little is about me, even though I use the word “I” quite a bit. I am not actively persecuted. I am not being oppressed. I am not being told my lifestyle is a “choice” and as a result “wrong”. I did make a “choice” to write, as a non-liberal, middle aged, Christian, white, male. That was a choice I freely embraced.

I can not change someone else’s mind. I can change my own.

I do not believe who we love, how we love, or our “faith” are choices. I believe that God made those decisions for us. What tools he used are up for debate. They might be DNA. They might be environment. They might be The Hand of the Divine. 

I have made a choice to not have an issue with people having different lives than my path. I have made a choice to want to not see different paths discriminated against just because they are different than mine. I have made a choice to not say “you are wrong for loving (fill in the blank person or belief)”. I have made a choice to say “this is wrong” when I see my friend marginalized or persecuted. I choose to walk beside my friends and say “you are not alone” when they feel that they are being hated by everyone that fits my demographic

I am not a victim…unless I limit myself to thinking I am one. Some people are victims. They have things done to them by individuals. They have society repress them for not being “mainstream”. They have been victimized because some idiot decided to forget that having power and having the right to use it are different things. The choice to inflict your will on someone because they are “different” is not a choice I’m willing to make. It is also not a choice i want to have made for me.

My faith and my marriage will NEVER be threatened because of someone else’s. To repeat, what someone else does in their own heart can not change what happens in my heart. I don’t want to understand the mindset that feels that someone else’s love threatens theirs. 

I believe that hate is learned. If i can learn, I can un-learn, too. It is my “choice”.


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