*It’s my weekend. That means that I read, think, write, read more, think more, then write more. It means that I post a bunch for two days and then pause for a few days. Sorry for the short posts.*

Been thinking about my posts and how I feel some need to use descriptive qualifiers when talking about myself. I used to tell a buddy that would say I was white that “I am not. I’m Miller”. Gotta get back to that. I’ve been worried about offending readers that I forgot that point. Don’t really care how you see my demographic. It’s how I was born, not who I am. That should make sense as the point of these posts is that Z isn’t “Gay Sarah” and Aj isn’t “Pagan Aj”. Just as I am not “Straight Miller” or “Christian Miller”. They are Aj and Z., friends that I trust. Friends that pray for me when I need help. Friends that I call “cousins” because they are part of my family. Friends that, were the shoe on the other foot, would be standing up for me. 

That thought goes hand in hand with this thought, it is NOT a “gay agenda”. It is a human agenda. Period. Either we all get the same rights or we deserve none of them. Why is it so hard to see that? Why do we have to qualify ourselves? 

*editorial, I made a very similar post to this called “Damn Labels”. It must mean this was on my heart again*

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