I Should Write More Often

I started this and wrote a ton of posts in a few days. My motivation was, and still is, to say “this is wrong” when faced with a specific inequality. I got to a point where I thought I had covered the subject, from my perspective, as well as I could. So, I slowed down. I also realized that not many people actually read these. I’m grateful for the few that do. I got frustrated. It happens. I ran out of ideas for new posts. That, too, happens. None of those excuses matter. What matters is that inequality is still the law in most states. What matters is that my family, friends, and Z are still treated like second class citizens. What matters is that I punted and slipped on my end. I made a commitment to be a voice of reason and silenced it.

If we, reasonable people, don’t keep saying something, then institutionalized persecution and inequality will be allowed to exist. I apologize for my part in being silent. I should write more often that marriage equality should be the law of the land. I should write that who someone loves and commits to spending their life with should not have to meet with someone, anyone, else’s approval. I should write that the protections, and perils, of marriage should know no boundaries. I should write more often because I said I would.


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