People in Specific, A Follow Up

When I wrote the last post, it was early this morning. It needs a follow up. 

Can one person change the world? Does any one of us have that ability? The answer I have come up with is a conditional yes. Here’s the reasoning. When I die the world will end…for me. That means that the world ends time and time again. That also means that if we change the way one person views things we have changed the world. It becomes a matter of how specific we have our focus. 

I started, and will end, this blog for two very courageous women. They have never seen each other face to face. They met because I knew them. I mention them often because, outside of my wife, I think of them very often. One is Aj. The other is Z. They have faced more difficulties from the world because of circumstances not of their choosing than I ever will. Their lives and the “who” that makes themselves is precious to me. They are my “people in specific”. They are the people who are always on my mind when I write these posts.

I, on the other hand, am a coward. I would have never said a word in their defense. I would have let things lie and said “it doesn’t affect me”. There are not words for how cowardly and dis-loyal that would have been. Still, it would have happened if it weren’t for a couple of brave women encouraging me. Giving me courage. Leading by example. Being there when I was afraid and wanted to quit for fear that I would hurt them. Telling me to use their names, their real names, as examples. 

There is a third woman that needs to be brought up, my wife. She is the first person in the world, outside of family members and my dog, that I ever told I loved. That love is what keeps me sane and sober. That love is the bedrock of my world. That love is the single irreplaceable thing in my life. That love has allowed me to learn to love someone outside of myself. It has also allowed me to learn to love the person I am.

If you are a person and happen to read these words and it lets you know that you are not alone, thank those three women. If you read this blog and think “not everyone is against me”, thank them again. If you read here and think that you can’t change the world, think again. Those three women changed the world, each in their own way. They didn’t realize they were doing it. They could have never anticipated or predicted the outcome. If you are a person and think that you are incapable of loving or being loved, those three changed the world of a person that felt as you do. As long as there is breath in my body, I’ll be grateful to those three. They are my specific people.

If you read this and think that they are only “for” those women, I hope you understand that it isn’t. these are for any specific person that is willing to not be one of the “millions” or “billions” in the last post. These are for anyone that reads them, yes you, and needs to know that you have worth, are capable of love, deserves respect, and are not alone. That, no matter what anyone tells you, that you are a person and that is important. People change the world. 

By trying to change the World, with a capital, for them, I have ended up changing mine. I am kinder and more patient. I am more understanding. I have learned about myself. I have become a better husband. I have become a better friend. Those are debts I can not repay. I have had to learn to be a better human because of those women that taught me, without trying, to step outside of myself. That’s why people are important. Without people, I’d have never learned about myself. 

Thanks, if you read this, for trying to follow along with my ramble. Do me a favor, no matter how you pray or who you pray to, say a prayer for Aj, Z, and Sweety. Tell whoever or whatever you are talking to that Miller says “thanks”.


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