People in Specific

Probably covered this before. Probably will again on a different day.

The World is a big place. There are around 7 billion people on it. I checked.I can not comprehend that number. I decided to do some more checking. According to a Gallup Poll roughly 20% of the World population self identifies as gay. Roughly 10% of Americans. That is, again roughly, 32 million people. While I was at it, I decided to look up Pagans. According to Patheos, there are between 1 and 3 million Pagans in the United States. All of these numbers are too big for my head to wrap around. Sorry, middle age has overtaken me. 

So, I have to be more specific. I write in first person. That simplifies. I can, most days, comprehend the number “one” and the word “I”. On a good day, I can deal with the word “we”, meaning me and Sweety, and the number “two”. When I’m doing really well, I can get the word “you” into my head and the number “three”. Also, “we”, meaning me and you, could possibly be in there. “Several” and “many” are also good day numbers, but, they push the edges.

The point is this. I’m not that altruistic. The big numbers, billions and millions, are past what I can understand. They seem like a fiction. I don’t understand the cultures involved. I’ll never, well, probably never, be able to insert myself into their mindset. I lack their perspective. I don’t understand what trials or joys their lives have held. I don’t, and won’t, know the steps that their path had to carry them to where they are. It sounds harsh but, I don’t really care. 

The last paragraph sound harsh. It might be a tiny bit. I have to make things more specific. Yes, I am writing these so that in my own tiny way I can change the world. Yes, it is because the underdog needs a chance. Yes, it is for you…and me…and we…and many. What it is not for is “billions” and “millions”. I started writing, posting, talking, and whatever I could because of people with names. Their names were Aj and Z. I add to that list when I meet people. Added one the other day. It makes it easier and harder for me. It makes it easier because I know the people involved. It makes it harder because I find more people that are marginalized and, to use a Texas phrase that ain’t right. I don’t want to change the world for the sake of the world. I want to change it for specific people.

Numbers with multiple zeros are statistics. Numbers with zero zeros are humans. Humans are not objects. Humans are living, breathing, loving, caring people. *editorial, I don’t include sociopaths as humans. sorry* Humans are friends and family. Humans are fallible and argumentative and hateful and strangely random. They are human. Humans have names. I don’t want to change the world for zeros. I want it to change for humans. Hopefully, that means it will. Hate for zeros will not end. If humans would quit looking at the zeros and start seeing the humans behind them, then, maybe, they’d stop repressing the zeros and start lifting up the people.

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