Thanks, Y’all

I’ve written long posts, short posts, introspective posts, outgoing posts, supportive posts, and protest posts. This isn’t any of those except for, maybe, a short one. 

Just wanted to take a minute and say Thanks, Y’all…

for being there. for teaching me. for allowing me to be an a$$ and not kicking me away. for loving me. for being yourselves. for making the world brighter. for being human. for being so widely varied that “normal” should ever be allowed to be used to describe a person. for teaching me about faith. for respecting my faith. for making life interesting. for the whole of yourselves. for the wonder of the world. for walking with me. for loving my wife along with me. for it all and the enormity of the universe. for things that i can not find words to express.

Thanks, Y’all



  1. Thanks to you MD.. and much love to Sweetie. I’m not a debater. It makes me very uncomfortable. Sometimes there are things I want to say and I don’t say them because I know someone will make a comment that I just don’t want to deal with. It makes me feel bad not to use my voice because I do have something to say. I was thinking about this yesterday… you make me want to use my voice. You make me want to stand up for what I believe in. I believe that everyone has the right to choose what faith feels right to them and I believe that everyone has the right to love whomever they choose to love. Love is NEVER a bad thing. I may not comment on all your post. But I read them all and all your blog post too. Thank you for being courageous for ME.. when I feel I can’t.

  2. Leanna, sometimes it feels hopeless. There are days that I wonder if anyone even reads these. Other days, one voice says “go on” when I want to quit. I know that not many people read my blog. I write for one person. Don’t always know if that person is one of the two that I have committed to keep writing for or if it’s for someone that I will never know. What matters, to me, is that I try. What I write is what tool I have to make what difference I may. I’m really not courageous. I’m no one’s White Knight except, maybe, Sweety. It’s easy to hold up a keyboard and a screen as armor. It’s hard to be someone that has a path that has put them in the way of the majority. Please, if you decide to write, do it. I’ll read it. If you need it, I’ll share some of the courage my friends have so generously given to me.

  3. A further thought, please, please write. Words have power. Thoughts have power. Please share them. The more voices that we have shouting, the more those that would ignore them can not. Please write.

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