What you should do instead of telling me I need Jesus — love me

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The Discerning Christian

My post yesterday was something of a necessary, calculated rant expressing nearly a decade of frustration. For me and for most of the people commenting on my blog, it was cathartic, putting words to what we have always felt. For some people, though, it felt like an attack out of nowhere, perhaps making me no better than those whom I criticized. People have gone so far as to call me a hateful person.

I can understand this response to a degree. Humans are conflict-averse. Please, though, if you were on the receiving end of my criticism yesterday, take note: my post helped and encouraged a lot of people. The responses from other liberals, progressives, and other “deviants” (I really don’t think of us as all that deviant, but I digress) were not so much “Yeah, you tell ’em!” or “That’ll show those conservatives!” No, the responses I got were “Thank you”s…

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