I’m Gonna Worry So, Deal With It

I know that worry doesn’t fix anything. I know it saps emotional energy. I know…that I’m going to anyway. 

I’ll respect the privacy of the people I’m worried for by not saying who they are or what I’m worried about. If they happen to read this, they’ll know. At least one of them will, probably, tell me to stop. I’ll say that I will and I won’t.

My instinct is to try to fix things. The problem is that people are not washing machines. I can order the parts and YouTube a video and figure out a washer. I don’t worry about fixing a washer. I do it.

People are different. People aren’t something you can order parts for. Bummer.

The worry isn’t going to make me a less effective employee. It isn’t going to stop me from loving my wife or take her energy.The thing is that the energy I’m using to worry is the part that belongs to the people I am worried for.  It just happens to creep in during the spaces in between. It happens when my mind isn’t racing along with something else. It happens in the times I would normally be thinking about those friends. 

There are really only two things I can do for them…or maybe three.

I can pray. That’s big. Asking God to help someone is a big thing. Always was, always will be.

I can offer a virtual hug because neither is close enough to do it off screen. 

The third is to be around and let them know that, even if i don’t know what to do, I’m around to give what support I can. 


To the people I’m worried for, let me do it. I’ll be ok. If I didn’t care about y’all I wouldn’t be worried. It’s part of who I am. I know that stuff isn’t going to be fixed as fast as I want it to be. If it was, it wouldn’t need fixing. What I want is for y’all to get better. Love you both. 


Sorry, no protest post this time and very much not a usual post at all for me. 


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