Don’t Bash My Friend and Expect Me Not to Call B.S.

I’m not sure where this is going. I’ll start and see what happens. Please bear with me. *editorial, this is still part of a train of thought from a conversation that happened on my FB wall a couple of days ago. yeah, i’m still bugged*

 Being gay doesn’t make Z a perversion. Being a sociopath makes sexual perversions. There’s a huge difference between them. She is not, nor will she ever be, a threat to you, your children, or anyone you know. 

When I say that something is “against my religion” what I mean is that it is for me. Drinking and doing drugs are against my religion because I can not control those things. I can never be a casual user or social drinker. I have to stay away. There’s no middle ground. It doesn’t mean that I get the right to condemn you for those things if you do them. Those things are a matter of personal choice. The operative part is the word “choice”. The way I see it, I made a repeated choice. I decided, daily, to commit crimes. Yes, using drugs is a crime. There is no part that is not illegal. Being gay is not a criminal act. Period.

Being gay is, also, not “choice”. It is also not, as was pointed out to me, a “lifestyle”. It is, in my mind, the way that God made some people to be straight. He made others to be gay.

If “sin” can be defined as a voluntary act that separates us from God, then being gay is not a sin. Being a substance abuser is. To say that someone can not be Christian because they can not change the way they are created and that unless they “struggle” with their “perversion” is a premise that is something I can not support or understand. Since sin, in this context, involves separation, then denying the way that God created you and having a difficulty coming to Him, is a sin. Better to be the way you were created and come to God, than to deny it and turn away because you can not understand why He would make you that way.

There’s a common quote “judge not…” Both sides of the issue toss it around. As far as I understand it, it means that I don’t have the right to judge the condition of someone’s immortal soul. Ever. It doesn’t mean that I can not judge your voluntary actions. When someone says that someone else can not be Christian because they are gay, then they are judging the condition of their soul. Interestingly enough, that judgement is a voluntary action.

It is not a “gay agenda” because there’s no “straight agenda”. It is a desire to be left alone. To have the same rights to marriage, equal protection under the law, freedom from legitimized repression, and bullying that I have. As far as I know, not one single person that is gay has ever come and said “I deserve more rights than you do”. Do I believe that Z should be treated differently than me? Yes but not for the reason one might think. I believe she should be treated differently because she is a different individual. I also believe that my wife, Aj, and you should all be treated differently. We are all individuals. 

So, you can keep your bullshit. You can keep your “it’s going to be the downfall of society” crap. You can keep your “they’re going to Hell anyway. So who cares if I treat them like shit in this life?” nonsense. It just doesn’t wash. It isn’t your job or your place to put yourself in the shoes of the Creator. It isn’t your place to impose your perception of religious views on a secular issue. I’m not telling you that you have to embrace being gay. I’m not even telling you that you can’t hold views that I believe are mistaken. 

What I am saying is this. If you tell me you are a Christian, “do unto others…” If you want to be repressed, repress. If you want to have “unequal protection under the law” give it. If you want to be bullied, then use your religion as an excuse to bully. If you want to be treated as if you have no worth, then treat others that way. If you decide that, as a Christian, you can call my friend a “perversion”, don’t be surprised when I tell you that you are wrong. Just as you are entitled to your views, I am entitled to mine. If you feel that my perspective is wrong and un-Christian, so be it. On that point, we agree, I think that your views are un-Christian, too.

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