Sometimes I describe myself as being made of barbed wire and broken glass. It might be easier that way. Most days I am, except for the creamy marshmallow center. 

Sometimes I think it would be easier not to care. I can’t not.

Sometimes, it would be easier if I could say “it’s their problem”. Then I realize that “they” are my family and friends. So, it’s not “their” problem. It’s mine, too.

Sometimes I wish I hadn’t realized that there is more to life than just being an odd smart-a$$. Then I realize that I can’t go back to that and really don’t want to. 

Sometimes I’m still an odd smart-a$$, though.

Some days I still feed on anger even when I realize I shouldn’t.

Some days, I wish I could crawl into a hole and just play games on the net and not think so much. That’s not gonna happen either. 

Sometimes I’m a tiny bit grateful for the people that have broadened my horizons. Other days, I wonder how I ever limited them. Most of the time, I wouldn’t begin to know what I ever did without those folks.

Some days, all I want to do is sigh because, as much as I try or want to, I can not seem to get anyone else to see that just because some people are different than you are, in no way, diminishes their worth. 

Every day, I wish that the people that have labeled my friends would see them as people and not the labels they’ve been given. I hold this hope that, by having used real people, these posts will help someone see that people are not just labels. That, given a chance to meet them, the views that want to repress might change.


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