My “Collection” of Yankee Women

I know the title sounds sexist. If that were my intent, it would be. There’s no intent, so, please don’t be offended.

There are some people that you need in your life. I mean the ones outside of your house. My wife could count in that list but, she’s not a need unless I were to count my heart as a “need”. She’s a part of me. I digress.

When I need someone to pray, I go to three people. One is Christian. One is Pagan. One is Wiccan. The Christian and I share the same faith. The other two and I don’t but, I respect the depth of their faiths enough that I go to them anyway. 

Last night I needed some prayer. I sent a group message to the three of them.Within 5 minutes all 3 had responded. Actually, it was 4 minutes from post to last response. I needed that. I need to be able to count on someone for prayer. I have this collection of Yankee women for that. 

For whatever reasons, I don’t quite know or care, these women have decided I’m a nice guy. Most of the time I am. Sometimes, I’m accidentally inconsiderate. They don’t hold it against me. They just give me a verbal kick in the rear and drive on. I need that, too. 

They’re sometimes a tiny bit stubborn and, given reason, can be “abrasive”. They speak their minds. I love these ladies to pieces. I don’t quite know how that came about. I just looked up one day and realized I did. They’re great, this collection. 

They all have qualities that anyone would desire in a friend. As a group, they are loyal, loving, faithful, hard working, smart, and resilient. You can knock them down and they get back up. They are the people I trust with my secrets. 

The point is this, Aj, Z, and Leanna all fit into groups that are being marginalized. That shouldn’t be. They are great ladies. If you want to marginalize them for one aspect of their lives, I would have to ask, why? They aren’t asking for special treatment. All they want is “equal protection”. They aren’t asking the USSC to put  them in “protected” groups. They are asking to not have to have that happen. If they had their way, the fact that they have a different faith or that one happens to be “not straight” would be a non-issue.They want to succeed or fail on their own individual merits. That’s not too much to ask. 

I love these ladies to pieces. I’ll keep trying to point out that they are worth loving. They are worth standing up for. My collection of Yankee women deserves that from me.

*editorial, “Yankee” is not an insult. it is a Texan way of describing a non-Texan. that’s all*


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