I was thinking…again. *editorial, I wake up in the middle of the night and think. I rarely get more than a couple hours of sleep. Then I go back to sleep. That’s why these are usually early morning posts* I was thinking about what, should I say who, I usually think about. They are my wife, my friends, and faith. With that in mind as context, here I go.

My wife and friends are real people. My love for them is real. My faith is real. Their faith is real. Yet…

I can not prove that love exists. Can not. Could not give a physical proof of that. I can not prove that the God of my faith is real. For that matter, sitting at this screen, I can not prove to you that my friends are real. I have not one bit of physical evidence. Anything can be posted on the web. That is not proof of existence.

Yet…I believe that my friends, my faith, and my love of my wife, faith, and friends IS real. I have no way to quantify that. I can’t get there from here. I also believe that my friends faiths and love exists. Again, I have no physical proof of that. I’m not sure that the proof makes any difference. That we believe it exists is enough. 

I’m not saying that believing, with childlike wonder, in Santa is the same. Please don’t misunderstand.

I also believe that the things I’ve mentioned, and the right to have them, are worth standing up for. This blog will never be about race or discrimination against tangibles. There are enough writers for that. It will always be about discrimination against the intangibles. 

I always keep trying to make the point that being against someone for the qualities of their heart is not my place. Yes, I realize that hate is a quality of the heart, too. Thing is, hate always has an outward manifestation. I’m saying that being against someone for who or what they love is not my place…or yours. 

This is the spot where I would normally nudge Z to the front of the stage and do one of those ” what can you see with your eyes to hate?” things. You might say “but, she’s gay”. So what?

It’s where I would point out Aj and ask “can you see the faith in her heart?” spots. Again, “but she’s a godless pagan”. Yeah, and?

It’s also where I would get defensive and protective if you tried to point out something that you can not see is a good enough reason to hate them.

If you want to hate someone, do it because they are criminal. Do it because they have caused physical harm.

Doing it because they love someone or love differently than you is not a good enough reason. Doing it because they have a different faith is not good enough. Those are intangible and, frankly, none of your damn business.


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