Intangibles aka the Revisit

Here we are again…

*Pushes two women to the front of the stage*

Please point out which one of these women is gay. Please, if you can not, point out which one is Pagan. Only one category applies to each woman.

I’ll give you some clues. The Pagan is short, 40ish,and has dark hair. The one that’s gay is short, 40ish, and has dark hair. 

Well, you might say, that didn’t help much. Nope, it didn’t. So, I’ll give you some more clues. The one that is gay is patriotic, hard working, loyal, honest and fearless. Problem is that so is the Pagan. The Pagan is a good mom. Oops, so is the one that’s gay. One has a deep seated sense of faith. No help there, the other does, too. The one that is gay has a highly developed sense of personal honor…rats, so does the Pagan

Lets listen to them speak and see if we can find a clue. They are both smart, well read, and have a smarta$$ sense of humor.

Where I am going with this is here. Both women have all the things that you would find in a friend. Both are good citizens and neighbors. Both are indistinguishable from anyone else. Neither wears a sign that proclaims that they are any different from you. To all outward appearances, you would find no visual reference. Looking at the intangibles in their lives, you would find much to be admired.

Ladies, please take a bow.

Now, I veer a bit…

Truth is also intangible. “We hold these truths to be self evident…” Those concepts are mental constructs. Yet, we hold them as closely as we hold any part of our identity. “..all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…”

Yet, the denial of those rights has become an ingrained part of our society. It is taking an intangible set of circumstances and giving it a real consequence. When we deny a group the right to marry, love, or worship freely, we have denied both “Liberty” and “the pursuit of Happiness”.

Here is the part that I talk about my perspective…

I am a Christian. One of the tenets of my faith that I hold most dear is “treat others as I want them to treat me”. If I want to be treated with kindness and respect for my beliefs, then I should show it. If I want my right to love who I love to be respected, then I have to extend the same to others. Those are not conditional statements. There is no “but they’re…”. If I want my rights stood up for, then I have to do the same for others. That is basic Christianity. 

It is not by accident that I stand up for Aj and Z. They would do the same for me. That is also truth. Perhaps I’m on a fools errand. Perhaps no matter how much I write, I will never change the views of others. Perhaps, I will never say the words that persuade others to overcome the apathy that says “it doesn’t affect me, so what do I care how they are treated”. I will keep trying, though. You see, one of the intangibles of my character is that I’m stubborn. An other is that I’m loyal. Here I stand, as long as my friends are not treated as I want to be, I’ll keep standing here, right beside them.

*wraps arms around friends*


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