I really think I have to stop writing as much as I do. I think the signal to noise ratio is off. The signal is getting lost in the noise. The idea of the blog is good. The subject matter, sorry guys I just called you “subject matter”, is worth the effort. Just causing overload on the part of the people I am trying to reach. Wonder if I need to back off or just quit thinking so much?

I was thinking about the word “agenda”. Specifically in the context of “gay agenda”. I’ve decided that phrase is only used by people that feel threatened. I don’t think that I have fallen for the “gay agenda”. I think that asking to be treated equally, not preferentially, isn’t an unreasonable request. Z called me on it the other day. She said that she doesn’t want the USSC to put her in a “protected” group. She just wants the same chances to succeed or fail as anyone else. That’s not an “agenda”.

I do not ever go into politics here. I don’t think that the things I write about are political. I think that treating people equally is apolitical. It is neither conservative nor liberal.

I know what I write about is an emotionally loaded set of issues. I know that self identity is a cause for deep passion. I keep trying to be reasonable and get people to see past the emotions. It’s hard, for me, because of the love I have for the ladies I write about. The simplest way to convince people to side with Aj and Z would be for me to introduce Aj and Z to everyone that I possibly could. There are not enough minutes left in our lives for that. I try here. I don’t know if it’s working or not. *sigh* 

I wish that someone would send me comments. It’s hard to know if these are effective or not. I’d almost welcome hate mail. That way I’d know someone was reading and I’d have input about how I might reach them.

That’s enough for now.


  1. I blog 2 or 3 times a week (between Pagan Culture and my fiction blogs), often 4 times if I have something that just come up. I try not to overload my blogs because I want to give readers time to get to the post. Like you pointed out, there is a lot of content out there. If we keep on hitting publish over and over, we don’t allow our reader friends to catch up. And while we are writing so much, we don’t give ourselves time to read other blogs. Writers must be readers, too.

    You closed the post, saying, “I wish that someone would send me comments.” I have to ask, do you comment a lot (directly) on other people’s blogs? I’m asking because nothing brings more comments to your blog than leaving pertinent comments on like-minded blogs. Just like in a party: you can wear the nicest suit and everybody can see it, but it you don’t strike up a conversation, you might never find out why they like your suit at all.

    Write on!

    1. That’s the difficulty, I do not. The blogs I’d comment on are already full of comments. At parties, I hate parties, I hide in the corner or, in the bad old days, would be outside smoking a…never mind…with some close friends. I want to avoid conflict at the same time I want to stand up for Aj and Z. This blog has forced me out of my comfort zone. I think I’m going to have to step further out of it. Thanks for the input.

      1. It is difficult to speak up without speaking out. It is also hard to walk out of our comfort zone in order to do what our heart knows must be done. But once we do… we find other people fighting the same battle and looking for the same hugs. It doesn’t get easier right away, and it never gets smooth, but it gets enjoyable and we can see the progress in the process. It’s a great things… that can’t be viewed or done from behind a glass.

  2. There is that. I think what I think I need to do is not reach people with the same views. I need to find the people that disagree. Those are the “hearts and minds” I’m trying to change.

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