My Subjective View

I’m not really very objective. I’ll admit my bias. My perspective will always be colored by my past, my faith, my loyalty. It will also be “tainted” by my view of my friends. *editorial, I use the word “tainted” because some would say I have fallen into the “Pagan agenda” or the “gay agenda”, so be it. I’m “tainted”*

Aj, Z, and my wife are “allowed” to tell me things that no one else may. They are the short list of people that may say to me “Miller, sit down and shut up” without provoking some kind of response that is stubborn and defensive. I will also admit sorry guys, that there are things in them that I overlook that I would not in others. They are not perfect. We disagree on stuff. It happens.

I will also admit that it doesn’t bother me very much that I have more than one standard. I’m human.

My bias also comes from the fact that they are teachers. They have taught me that being different is not always bad. 

Thing is that we have quite a few points of commonality. I have learned, from them that faith is more important than religion. That the capability to love and the willingness to do it is an equal to faith. That it is better to be outspoken and risk offending someone rather than to keep silent and to offend no one.

I’m not objective. I write these because of the “subjects”. I want to convince people that Aj and Z are not to be feared. I write these because I want to help people I care about. I know I have bias. I hope that, by writing them, I might convince some Christians that it is un-Christian to be biased against someone they’ve never made any attempt to talk to. If you don’t want to like me or my stand because of your perceptions, fine. If you don’t want to like Aj or Z because of some personal characteristic or personality trait, that’s fine, too. They can be hard headed and opinionated. *editorial, I really enjoy those traits in them. different strokes, I suppose* However, if you hold against them what they love or who they love, we’re going to disagree. In the Bible it says “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” These ladies have these traits in common. That makes them, in my subjective view, great.

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