I Really Don’t Want to Go to Work Today

I saw a pic of Z yesterday. I liked the pic so much I wished I was there. She was fishing. She had a tiny little fish and a big smile. The day was sunny and the water calm. It looked like a great day…

Then I went in to work. I have a co-worker that is rabidly homophobic. The worst kind. He clothes it in “they are sinners and are going to Hell”. That’s the kind of thing that makes me wish he would just come out and say “i believe the parts of the Bible that I can make read the way I want and ignore the rest”. In all honesty, my attitude toward the guy is neither kind nor Christian. When I see him, my temper flares. I want to make the VERY unprofessional statement “shut the Hell up!” At some point I probably will. On the up side, he thinks I’m going to Hell, too. It’s because I was thinking about that picture and defended my friend that the a$$ didn’t even know he was talking about.

My commitment was “Every day I will make some kind of public comment, be it verbal, Facebook status, adding a picture, or blog post in support of my friends and family.” Yesterday, it was to talk to that guy. Today, it is this…and probably “talking” at that guy. It’s not hard to defend/support my friends and family because I love them dearly. Yeah, Aj and Z fit both groups. I list those two dear ladies as “cousins” even though there is no blood tie.

I really don’t want to go in because bigot asses wear me out.

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