I Struggle…

When I write these, mostly, I am polite. I try to persuade the people that don’t see things the way I do. I make a meager attempt to encourage my friends. I do what I may to tell people that I’ve never met that not all of my “demographic” hates yours. *editorial, you may object to my use of the word “hate”. I would submit that you do not deprive someone of “equal protection” out of love* I work hard not to let anger come through and use reason to frame my arguments.

That’s how I write, mostly…

My last post was a rant. It also illustrates what I struggle with. I have a temper. Sometimes it flares. When it does, my attitude becomes decidedly “un-Christian”. There is one main cause of my temper to flare. That is to cause harm or insult to the people I care about. I do not care if it is intentional or not. Don’t give the tiniest bit of empathy to accidental insult or hurt. It is black and white. You can do what you will or say what you want about me, no biggie. Wife and friends? All bets are off.

I apologize for letting a rant come through. It doesn’t advance the cause to shout or use profanity. It doesn’t encourage or show love. All it does is show that I am capable of rudeness.

I will always believe that being the way that God created you is not a sin. I will always believe that who you love, be it “faith” or “person” is not a sin. I will always equate religious freedom with “personal” freedom. I will also, sigh, take a homophobic comment as an attack on a loved one. I will always take a comment that a person of a different faith is going to Hell as an attack on a friend. Those comments, even if not directed at either Aj or Z, will be taken, in my mind, as if they were. My temper will flare again as a result. I struggle with keeping it dialed back to civility. When it becomes personal, I struggle.

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