Poor Poor Me

Some days are more effective than others. Some posts get responses and for a sec I think that someone might be reading them. Other days, there is zero response. It happens. I know that a blog is a selfish act. It presumes that someone thinks that what I think has worth to someone else. It strokes the ego. Some days, I write one of these and think “this one is great, it might REALLY make a difference” and it falls flat.

Aj would tell me to shut up, quit whining, and drive on. She would also remind me that other people have lives and that it isn’t all about me. She would be correct.

If the worst things that happen in my day are that no one reads these or some idiot tells me I’m going to Hell, my life isn’t that rough. It’s not like states are trying to pass laws that limit my rights. It isn’t like I’m being told that I’m “un-American” because I’m not a Christian. It isn’t like me looking at the news and seeing people of my gender being treated like chattel, raped and murdered for being women, or being threatened and killed for being gay. All that happens to me is that I don’t get my ego stroked.

My three closest friends are women. My wife is a woman. Most of my other friends are women. That’s a good thing. I’m not a “girly man”. I don’t really have a feminine side. I am merely smart enough to recognize the value in the people I cherish. It happens that they are women. It does skew my perspective, though. It makes me realize that “my demographic” is much more of a threat to them than we are willing to admit. We, men, both overtly and covertly, treat women like objects. We use religion to marginalize and disparage them. We demand our “rights” and say they are exaggerating the issues. I do not understand the psychology of that.

My friends are capable, loving, tough, smart, wise, and talented. They have words worth hearing. They have faith that is stronger than mine. They have courage beyond what I think I am capable of. They face, daily, things that would make me hide.

My friends have paths that are not mine. That doesn’t matter to me as much as that I try to protect their rights to those paths. If you happen to read this and are Pagan, gay, female, or some combination, please understand that not all white, male, Christians are out to get you. At least one of us, when he’s not feeling sorry for himself, thinks the World would be a much less worthy place without you in it. Some of us, me at least, think that you were not created to be a lesser being or a weaker sex. Some of us recognize your toughness, wisdom, wit, brains, and capacity for love and are in awe of it. You don’t have to be a feminist to see that, all you have to do is deflate your ego a tiny bit and see the treasures around you.


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