Why Stand Up for Z?

I wish I could write these as I was laying in bed thinking about them. This would have been a great post. I hope that my words now are good enough…

There was a conversation that I started and Z continued with an old friend that said he didn’t feel like “gay rights” should be an issue. I don’t think he realized that there were rights that he had that Z does not. We tried to educate a bit. I hope it helped.

I was thinking though, why does Z need an advocate? Here are some of the thoughts I had.

Because she deserves it as a person. Everyone needs someone that is willing to stand up and say “the way you are treating this person is wrong”.

Because she is the way she was Created. She did not decide to be gay. It was not a choice. It is not a “gay lifestyle” any more than it is a “straight lifestyle”.  She will not be “the downfall of American society”.

Because she is my friend. She is not my only friend, nor am I her’s. Still, if I call her my friend in private, I should be willing to do it in public.

Because there ARE legal ramifications. In Texas, she can be fired for being gay. She can not be legally married so, if she dies intestate her estate goes to the state. She can not claim “married” on her income tax. Her Veterans Benefits do not go to her spouse because her marriage would not be legal. End of life issues only involve the spouse in the decision making process, not “life partner”. There are more but, that begins to touch the things that straight people take for granted. The rules are different.Z has earned the right by being human for them to be the same.

*editorial, Z is single and not in Texas. I am in Texas so, it’s the example I use*

Because the issues I try to raise need to be raised. Treating human adults as human adult is both Christian and proper. “Equal protection under the law” should apply to everyone. It is not “gay rights”. It is the Constitution. The Constitution was written for humans, gay or straight. Period.

Because if I don’t stand up for her rights, I do not deserve my own.

“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” -Ben Franklin

That should be enough reasons for now. It’s enough to think about. Standing up for Z will always be personal. I think that is the way change always comes. Enough people get together and decide to stand up for one person that is important to them.



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