A Thought…Something is Wrong

Why is it that we tell addicts “it’s not your fault” when they make the conscious choice to do drugs? Addicts are not victims. Addicts are not born that way. Addicts are criminals. They are a drain on society. *editorial, I am a former long time drug user. I am qualified to speak on this subject* We grant addicts the freedom to marry. We make wide latitude for their behavior. We celebrate addicts that “recover” from their poor decision making.

Being gay is not a crime. It IS NOT their fault. They are not victims. It is not a choice. Yet, we vilify them. We try to legalize being second class citizens. They pay their taxes and do not miss work due to “gayness”. We give them zero latitude. We allow them to be denied services at the whim of the business owner.

Something is wrong here. It is not the people that want to live their lives in the same manner as any other “non-criminal”. It is with us for allowing us to do it to them.



  1. Hi. I also think of myself as an addict. I am both responsible for my choice AND have something inside me that drives me to destrictive behavior. If I deny that inner, unpredictible drive, it would lead me to despair. Without factoring in that drive, I can only conclude that I’m unable to change and will be stuck in my addiction forever. Admitting that drive allows me to make choices that compensate for it.
    Therefore, I support viewpoints that permit SOME of the “addiction/not your fault” thinking, as it allows me and others to proceed past our horible self-image.

    1. If it weren’t for my wife, I would probably, 8 years later, be “not sober”. My Bible says “count the cost”. What I told my wife, when we first met, was that if I had as many as one drink, to leave. Because I had just put alcohol/drugs before her. I am not willing to pay that price. For what it’s worth, my self image is fine…now because I am no longer the person I was. “If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation”. I had to learn to embrace that thought. Was not easy

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