A Little Bit About Me

I write this blog as a protest against inequality for my friends. Allow me to digress a bit.

I’ve gotten older and, I hope, wiser. I’ve learned that my way is not often the only way or the only right way.

I have been opinionated. I still am.  I have been a jerk. It happens. .

Along my path, I have subjected those around me to outrageous displays of self indulgence and self destruction. I have been, and still am, my own worst enemy.

I have learned about love. That moderates my tendencies to be hard on myself. It has taught me to be far more accepting of others. Love is the cause of these posts. My path is to learn about it. My desire is to protect the people I love. My love of my wife and my desire for anyone that wants the same blessings for themselves is a motivation.  My faith teaches love. That seems to be forgotten in a culture that is taught polarity. It bugs me that I can’t seem to get that across.

I laugh a lot. I rarely do it here because it seems inappropriate for this blog. On the other side of this screen and on my Facebook page, I’m a goof with an odd sense of humor. I wish I could find a way to inject humor into this page. I just can’t. For whatever reason, this page is for “serious”.

I’ve learned that the things I treasure in life are the people in mine. By the standards of the world, I am not rich. Nope, barely middle class. By my standards, I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. I have my wife. I love her more than I love my next breath. I have some friends that I trust with my fears and prayers. They are worth writing about. I would ask, in all honesty, if there is anyone that you would tell the world about, even if they didn’t conform to your former world view? If you have someone, you are blessed. I have two. That is wealth beyond my dreams.

I’ve learned that I do not like the word “accept” or it’s relative “tolerate”. Those two words describe what you do when there is a loud infant in the grocery store.  I may not have the same path as the people in my life but, it is not mine to imply that theirs is wrong and for me to endure. It is merely their path. It is a part of them. It made them the person they are. If I say that I love them, it doesn’t mean that I have to do things the way they do but, I need to embrace, there’s a word I like, the whole of them. Different doesn’t mean wrong, it means different.

I hope I’ve grown up as I’ve grown older. I still have a child like sense of wonder when something beautiful happens. I still love dogs. I still tell corny jokes and laugh at farts. *smiles* I love to eat snacks. My eyes are very young, from this side.

I hope you guys don’t mind this one. I just wanted to write about me for a bit. Maybe it will help you to understand me. Maybe it will help you.  My life may not be perfect but, it’s mine and I am a blessed man.


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