Variations on a Theme

Every day I sit down at this page and try to find a way to write. I know, they’ve told me, that I don’t have to write every day. Yeah, I do. I do it for them and I do it for me. I write, mostly, about the same thing every day. It is that all people should be treated the same by the Law of the Land. Yes, I will stipulate that criminals are the one exception. I am not talking about criminals.

The issue boils down to this, do we grant equal protection to everyone or not? It doesn’t matter if, as some believe, that faith or sexual orientation is a matter of choice or, as I believe, that it is not. If orientation is a choice by my gay friends, then it is a choice by my straight friends also. It doesn’t work both ways.

If we stipulate that a marriage is to give “legitimacy” to our children and, as some have said, that it is between a male and a female for procreation only, then mine is not valid. You see, my wife and I married late into middle-age. There will be no children. There is no possibility of that. That makes, by the stated argument, my marriage invalid.

It is VERY simple, do we grant the same rights to all citizens or not? The issue is not political. It is human. Either all adult humans in the United States have the same rights or none deserve them. We have created a system that allows us to say that “all men are created equal” does not mean that. That was not the intent of our Constitution. It was set up so that a majority could not repress a minority.

Some of my friends that are Christian would say that being gay is against the Bible. I am a “heretic” and respectfully disagree. I also think that the issue of equal protection is not a religious issue but, a secular one. They, my dissenting friends, might argue differently. That is their right. I hope that they can see that someday they might be the minority view and understand that, by protecting the rights of the minority they disagree with, they protect their own. Times change. When we allow or, participate in, repression then we have no right to complain when it happens to us. Equal protection protects everyone. It sounds trite but, it is truth. The same Free Speech that allows an other to voice a rabidly hateful perspective allows us to, as strongly, disagree.

Please, if you read this and find yourself disagreeing with my perspective on Marriage Equality, try to find it in yourself to see my point about equal protection. It is not a “gay agenda”. It is about treating humans as human. It could even be self interest.


I’ve said it before, probably even exactly as I will word it, the issue is personal to me. I am not gay. I have not faced repression. That was not the path I was given. I am not Pagan. I have not faced being marginalized for my faith. I do not know what either circumstance feels like. I write for two ladies that I admire and love. One is Pagan. One is gay. They allow me to write for them. I am both honored and humbled by that.  I know that no single post will change the world. I know that the changes that I want will not happen overnight. I hope that I live long enough that I might see those changes.

If you read these posts and are neither Aj nor Z but, happen to be gay, Pagan, or both I hope you find support. I hope that you realize that not everyone that is “my demographic” holds the things in your life that you can not change against you. I’ll never be your demographic but, I can be a voice for you. I can say that is is not wrong, in my eyes, to be the way you were created. I hope that you see that, to some of us, value will always be “the content of their character.”

If you read this post and are either Aj or Z, thank you for allowing me to be your advocate. You deserve to be stood up for. You have said that I don’t have to write every day but, I do. Someone should. I may not always be eloquent. I may get repetitive. I know that, in the long run, that my voice is not going to change the world for you guys but, if enough of us say it, we will be heard. These are not really hard to write because I care about the people I am writing for. Thank you for being yourselves.



  1. I like your advocacy. I’m tired of equal protection under the law only pertaining to a select few. Some people are more equal than others, still, and that has to stop. Not just with pagan/christian or gay/straight but male/female and x/y/z…it all matters.

    1. Thanks Z. Yes, it does matter. If you ever decide my advocacy is no longer needed, I’ll quit. ‘Till then, told you when I started this, you are the conscience, I am the author. I wish we didn’t have to do this. I use “pagan/christian or gay/straight” because of the people I write for and about. I entirely agree “equal protection” should apply equally.

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