“Every man is a hero in his own story” – Patrick O’Brian.

Have you ever really thought about that? Fred Phelps thought he was a hero. The Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, thinks he’s a hero. They truly believe the things they say. They think that by taking a stand, no matter how misguided, they are being heroic. I’m not having a “sympathy for the Devil” moment, I’m merely looking for insight. People that preach hate and intolerance think that they are doing good. I entirely disagree with them.

In my opinion, standing for someone that is being repressed is not heroic. I’m no ones hero, unless it is my wife. Doing the right thing is not heroic, it is right. No medals for saying that repression is wrong. Don’t want any. Don’t deserve any. Helping to build up is what we should do. Tearing down is never heroic.

Do you know who heroes are?

Heroes are single moms. Heroes are firemen and cops and service men. Heroes are the people that live their lives in a way that quietly lifts everyone around them. Heroes are my friends that say that they don’t want to be in a “protected” group and only ask to be treated equally. Heroes are the people that go to work everyday and brighten the world around them. Heroes are everywhere and are never seen because they are too busy doing and not saying. Heroes live out the example we want to teach.

I would love to think that I’m a hero. I’m not. I’m just a guy trying to do right by his friends.



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