I Was Talking to Z

I was talking to Z again. She is, among other things, a wise woman. I will admit to being impatient. You see, I have this weakness, I want what I want right now. She told me ” patience doesn’t have to be complacent.” Those are wise words.

Patience also does not mean giving up. It doesn’t mean to stop trying. It just means that I have to recognize that I don’t get my way as soon as I want it.

In most things in life, I can wait. I like to cook. Some times making a meal takes time. This is not cooking. This is the lives and happiness of human beings.

She also said “Need to change hearts& minds.” Have I mentioned how wise she is? It is a “hearts and minds” campaign. Mine were changed. What it took was knowing someone and learning from them. There are days when I wish she would share her voice on this page. I don’t expect that to happen. If it did, you would meet her in her own words. Maybe that would help. Maybe it wouldn’t.

*editorial, Z, if you happen to read this, I am not asking or attempting to pressure you into writing here. the deal we made was that I would write as your advocate. I’m not trying to change the rules*

I’ve lost a few “friends” over my stand. So be it. If they can not see that there is no reason to treat Z like they are condoning or to even question the reasons why, then I don’t need them. Perhaps I phrase that too strongly. If they can not respect that I have to stand up for my belief that “all men are created equal”, then I don’t need them in my world.

I’ll be patient. I will not be complacent. I will keep trying to convince anyone that will listen or read that equal rights should be equally applied. I’ll keep leaning on Z. If SHE can be patient, how can I do anything less?


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