I Tried Nice So Now I’m Going to Beat You About the Head and Shoulders

I really want to write a confrontational post. I want to write a post that says that there is not going to be wild gay sex in the streets, no matter how much you fear it. I want to tell you that the Pagans don’t want your kids for some ritual orgy. I want to shout at you that you have no danger to your children from either group. If I thought you would believe that, I would try.

Do you know who poses the greatest threat to your kids? Odds are it is a boyfriend, step-parent, uncle, or teacher. Yes indeed, it is the man that you ladies thought was a good idea to bring into your house.

Do you have the tiniest clue that, as far as I know, there has not been a single case of a gay person assaulting a straight person for being straight. Yet, it is a very real possibility that my gay friends will be assaulted or raped merely because they are gay. It happens every day. In some countries, at least 5, it is a capital crime to be gay. Yeppers, you can be executed for being the way God made you.

Did you know that gay teens do not become teen-aged single moms. Nope, it’s a funny thing, they don’t seem to get pregnant.

Do you want to guess what cheapens marriage? It is people like Britney Spears, Liz Taylor, and a raft of other people with multiple marriages. Those people make a mockery of marriage.

You realize that the comment “why do they have to be so in my face?” is a double standard. I can not turn on my TV without seeing a straight couple engaged in some kind of PDA. That shoves it into their face, and yet, we refuse to see that because it’s “normal”. To my gay friends, the idea and image is just as repulsive. For them, straight is not normal.

Do you say “we don’t have Straight Pride Parades so, why do they need Gay Pride Parades?” It’s simple, because you don’t have a need for them. You are NOT being actively repressed. They are. There’s a reason that minority support groups exist, it is because there is a real threat to them.

I want to try to convince you that when Jesus said “what you do to the least of these, you do to me” was talking about the defenseless. You have made them defenseless and then refused to protect them.

I want to try to get to you on a rational level and remove your fears but, you have so identified with your fears that you think they ARE rational.

I wish there was a place to put the lever to move your world but, I think the proper use of the lever is to smack you upside the head. *sigh* I KNOW that is not a Christian attitude on my part. *sigh again*

If I thought chewing your a$$ stood the slightest chance of working I would do it. I am a skilled a$$ chewer.

If there was a way to make you see that treating humans as less than human was barbaric and not the actions of humans, I would. I do not know what tool it takes to get it through your thick skulls that you are inserting fear and a misguided sense of following your “values” into an area that they do not belong.

Supporting equality for all humans does not bring you down. It lifts the rest up. Marriage equality does not cheapen your marriage. Treating people with fairness and kindness does not make you immoral. It makes you fair and kind. It is not how you treat the people that you agree with that matters. It is how you treat the people that you disagree with. Either you are a civil human being or not. Either you respect everyone or no one. Sorry to shake up your self-image but, you are not better. You are just different. The sooner you figure that out, the better your chances of getting the respect you seem to think is your right.

Do I need to say this again? Z is not a threat to your way of life. She doesn’t use her identity as a reason to hate you. Aj is not a threat to you. Her faith poses no danger to yours. Being gay or Pagan will never be a threat to being straight or Christian. Try seeing that and showing some empathy and understanding. Try exercising those Christian Values you are so proud of and showing some love. Prove that your life is not a threat to them.


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