I Wish…

I wish I had better words than “tolerate” and “accept”.

I wish I didn’t have to write these because there was no longer a need.

I wish people would quit talking about “stoning” my friends. If they want to, I hope they throw the first stones at me and I have the courage to take the hit.

I wish I had a tool that would allow me to convince people to change their views.

I wish there were not variations on a theme. If I could just find one effective post and copy it over and over.

I wish Aj and Z lived closer so we could sit down and visit over grilled meat in our back yard.

I wish I had larger readership, not out of ego on my part but, so that the message that Aj and Z are good people could be spread wider.

I wish someone would give me some insight so that I might find the lever that I need to change the world. If you have some, please share it with me.

I wish I was more patient.

I wish that my fellow Christians could see past their views and realize that it is not a religious issue to be for “equal rights” but, a human issue. That we can have secular issues that are not influenced by our religious views.

I wish that you could see Z standing up for the rights of someone to have their views. Even when she is angry that that person has called her “perversion”. That may well be the thing that I admire most about her.

I wish a lot of things. What I need is for my wife to be happy and my friends to be treated fairly.



  1. I believe in the Constitution. I believe in the first amendment. (I really believe in the 2nd amendment, but that’s for another day) I believe in and will defend the right for people to say and think what they want (you’ll still, to this day, get jailed for yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theater if there isn’t a fire, so always remember the all words have consequences.) I want people to say and think what’s good and right, though, of their own accord. Not by force, but because they think it’s the right thing to do. Free speech isn’t free. It’s fought for. It’s died for. My dad has always taught me that to keep what’s right, sometimes you have to fight for what’s wrong.

    A good example of this is Flag burning. I HATE!!!! seeing my beloved flag burned. But if someone is disgruntled enough to think that burning “my” flag will make them feel better, it’s their first amendment right. However, I’ll burn a flag if it’s worn out it’s usefulness. The method of destroying a tattered flag in disrepair is to burn it. That keeps it from being used as anything but a flag. If I can burn a flag in respect it can also be burned in disrespect. There always 2 sides to every story. The trick is to be civil enough to have discourse that brings those two sides closer. Middle ground is sometimes agreeing to disagree.

    Until I don’t have to disagree with what I see as wrong, I’ll continue to defend someone’s right to say it. However, their words must end where their fist and my/my friends/loved ones’ noses begin or there will be stuff to deal with. And it won’t be pretty.

    You don’t have to agree with what’s going on. But it sometimes has to be fought for. I wish those who disagree that human equality should be for all humans could agree to disagree and fight for what they see as wrong as strongly as I fight for what I see as wrong.

    I don’t even know if what I just wrote makes sense. Maybe it only makes sense in my head.

  2. What I admired at the time, and still do, is that while he was calling you less than human, you were defending his right to do it. He was arguing that you have less rights and you had the integrity to keep your views of Freedom intact. Character, Dear Friend. It’s why I am your advocate, specifically. Your character deserves it. To answer directly, yes, your comment makes sense.

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