It’s been since the “bad old days” that I was an accomplice. Now, I am again. I kind of like it. Since Z is my “partner in crime” and she kind of likes it, too. I think I’ll keep using it. *grins* I wonder which of us is the look-out and which is the getaway driver?

Seriously, I hope that someday there is no need for an accomplice. She told me I had become patient. When I first started writing these, I wasn’t. At least, I wasn’t on this subject. I am now. I am because I realized that if she was, and told me to be, I should be. I also am because I realize that the Civil Rights movement of the ’60’s took years. I’m a newcomer to the issue. That doesn’t give me the right to be impatient.Having said that, some day, I’d like to be: Miller Davidge III, Accomplice, Ret.

In the mean time, I’ll do what I can. I’ll lift up Z. I’ll encourage my Christian friends to see my view and my friend. I’ll write these posts so that, if some random “you” happens to see one, you might be encouraged, too. I’ll tell anyone that will read or listen that “human rights are for all humans”. I know she does the same. It’s what accomplices do.


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