This is Kind of Fun…

…and frustrating. It’s hard work, some days, to find a new way to say the same thing in a different way. Some times, like the last one, they write themselves. That is the fun part.

When I started, it was going to be about and for equal rights for Z. Religious freedom got added because, well Aj is my “best friend that is not my wife” and is Pagan. I can’t really do anything without, at least, considering Aj, so, religious freedom, which I think is the same as being able to love who you wish without fear of persecution, got added. It has become, lately, much more about what I originally intended, a way to be a voice for one person, Z.

It was, and is, about my own path toward learning about myself. Some times that still comes through.

Mostly, I enjoy writing these because I LIKE being on a team. Even though Z doesn’t write these, she deserves co-writer credit. I think, because she reads these, she realizes how much she influences the ideas, if not the actual words, that comes out on this page. I also enjoy writing these because it gives me an excuse to brag about Z. There just aren’t that many people I like and admire as much as her. *editorial, I’m a nice guy but, there just aren’t that many people I like period. Odd for a guy that is an outgoing “people person”*

I mentioned how much I liked writing the last one. I know the subject matter is serious. Trying to persuade people to act toward ending repression is serious business. Trying to convince them that the repression exists in the first place might be harder. It doesn’t mean that we, Z and I, can’t have some fun in the mean time. I can’t always be “The Angry Accomplice”. Sometimes I get to be “The Smart Ass Accomplice”. Smart ass fits my temperament much better.

As an aside, I don’t really quote facts and statistics much in this blog. There are enough articles and pages that try to put that information out. I AM NOT very objective. I write from one person’s perspective for my accomplice. That’s enough for me.

It’s also fun because it’s like having our very own, private Pride Parade. Just two of us, Z and her accomplice. I get to carry the sign that says “She’s Gay and She’s Great”. She’s the one next to me with the rainbow white *editorial, she corrected me. she likes white*  tee-shirt that says “I’m with stupid” *grins* Seriously, the simile holds. We just aren’t faces in a crowd. Only two people walking down the same path trying to convince anyone that will listen that Z deserves to be treated equally.

So…we’ll keep marching on, Z and me. We’ll hold our own parade. These will still be, mostly, fun to write…and sometimes hard…and sometimes frustrating…and sometimes introspective.


      1. Probably but, I don’t think it’s a “party politics” kind of issue. It doesn’t matter if you’re Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian. It matters that you see you as you. Does that make sense?

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