It’s Z’s Parade

In the last post, I made a comment about a “parade”. That is an other analogy  that I like. In a way, that’s what this blog really is. It is a way to walk down the middle of the street with a friend and show everyone that will look that there is nothing to fear. That Z is not trying to change your way of life as much is that she just wants to be able to live hers. It’s a way for me to walk beside her and show everyone that she does not walk alone and that I do not perceive anything about her to be a threat to me.

This really is her parade, though. I’m just the cheerleader…and the MC…and the clown. She’s the main attraction. No matter what you might think about me, at the end of the day, what is important is what you think about her. If you can see her as a human and worthy of equal rights and dignity, then the parade has worked. If you can not, then there is still more work to do.

For now, we’ll wander down the middle of Main Street. We’ll carry our signs. We won’t be talking about how bad the people that don’t like her are, though. We are not trying to put anybody down. We are trying to lift her up. We are trying to get people to see her for herself and not what they think she is. We aren’t a threat, neither her nor her accomplice. We are two unremarkable middle aged people that have a common interest. That interest is equal rights and respect for all people. That is not too much to ask.

We have plenty of room. There could be more people in our parade, if you care to join in. If you don’t, that’s fine, too. Either way, we are going to keep going with Z’s Parade.


I wrote this last night. Slept on it. I want to expand, a tiny bit. I’m kind of grateful to Westboro Baptist and the National Organization for Marriage. Those groups point out how ridiculous their point is. They make a mockery of their own extremism. I wish they’d show up to our parade and protest.

I’d had one other thought. Having Z for a friend is a nice thing. We are NEVER going to be a threat, no matter how much we like each other, to the other’s relationship with their partner or spouse. We live far enough away that we don’t feel an obligation to the “will you help me move” kind of things. We just get to be friends with no other obligation other than what we have chosen. We both feel it was planned, by God, that, at this point in our lives, that we were given this part of the road to share. That is a very nice place to be. I, for one, am entirely grateful to God for putting her into my life.  We’re an odd couple of friends. She’s short and attractive. I’m tall and balding. *grins*


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