A Dented and Scratched Soul

Some day I will return my soul to its creator. I want to return it dented, scratched, and tarnished.

I want to use my soul. I want it to be shared and loved. I want it to take risks. I want it to see the goodness in people that it has never met. I want it to stand for something and someone. I want it to be courageous and bold. I want it to learn and grow. I want it to fall and learn to stand back up. I want it to be able to imagine the stars and all of Creation. I want it to have music bring it to tears. I want to give it away and, by sharing, have it returned with love.

I’ll take my chances but, I’ll not horde my soul like some old time miser. I’d rather risk the scratches and dents than live a life of safety. I wasn’t given a soul to hide it. I was given a soul to use. I AM going to stand before my Maker some day and proudly had back my dented and scratched soul.


  1. I intend to come flying in sideways, with a drink in one hand and firecrackers in the other. When I come to a stop, I’ll say, “man! What a ride!!”

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