123…Not Counting This One, or, An Other Thank You Post

Since Feb 10 there have been 123 posts. Don’t know why that seems like a milestone but, it does. Some of them, a couple, have been re-blogs. A couple have been pictures. Most have been my words. These have been read in 16 countries and over a thousand times, not counting the links that WordPress doesn’t count. *grins*

My point, if there is one is to say thanks.

Thanks for reading my “protest” posts. Thanks for reading my posts about love. Thanks for being along when I attempt to be introspective.Thanks for reading about the “bad old days”. Thanks for your comments. Thanks for taking the time to hit the “like” button.

Thanks for being my “pack” Aj, Z, Leana, and Sweety. Thanks for not kicking me out of it. I am entirely grateful for that. You don’t, yeah you probably do, realize how reassuring and comforting it is to have someone that, even when they disagree, is ALWAYS on your side. Thank you ladies for being yourselves. I love the four of you more than I realize. Thanks for teaching me, each in your own way, about love.

Thank you to “my pack” for letting me talk about you. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for being examples of how to live. Thank you for your strength and morality. Thank you for your honesty and refusal to hide. Thank you for sharing yourselves with me so that I might be able to share my thoughts about you with anyone that has eyes to read.

Thanks for not being rude or insulting my friends or my beliefs. Seriously, thank you for that.

Thanks, in advance, for reading what posts might come. Thanks for reading about what thoughts might wander out of my head and down my fingers. Thanks, readers, for reading and being yourselves. I don’t know how you got here but, thank you all the same.


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