Wandering Around…and Gratitude

This is an other of those wandering around posts…

Today, Z paid me what is, very probably, the highest compliment I have ever been paid. It was in private so, I will not relate it here, but, I will keep it in my heart and do my best to be worth it. Thanks, Z.

I keep watching the appeals process as Circuit Courts keep finding laws restricting marriage equality un-constitutional. As far as I can tell, every challenge of those laws has been upheld. I am really beginning to feel optimistic that this blog might finally get to include some recipes. *editorial, it is a joke with me that I am waiting to turn this blog into one about cupcakes*

I have discovered, through the years, that it is not what you’re against that matters. It is what, and who, you are for. These pages have been a growth process for me. There are only a few things that I have done that have more worth to me than standing up for Z. I say this not out of pride but, that I have learned about myself. I have learned about my own motivations. I have learned that it feels good to be able to say “she is valuable and I want the world to see it”. It has taught me to step outside of myself when I try to explain to others why they should change their views. I think my point is to say thank you to Z for allowing me to stand up for her. I think I have been the one to gain.

That’s all for tonight. If i had one tiny bit more it would be this bit of advice. Find someone that has made a difference in your life and tell them “thank you”. The gain will be yours.

Thanks, Z.



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