This Blog’s Best Day…

I’m ready for marriage equality to become the law of the land. I am because I want to be able to quit qualifying Z in this blog. It’s going to be a great day when I can quit saying “This is Z. She is great. She’s a person that I love. She’s gay”. I really want to be able to leave out the last sentence. I want the post to be about who she is and not what. That will be this blog’s best day. Being gay has no influence on how much I care for the lady. I neither increases nor diminishes her. It is merely a characteristic like eye color. That’s it.

The thing is that, in the context of this blog, I have to keep bringing it up. It’s almost like a disclaimer. The purpose here, for now, is to use her as an example of why there is nothing to fear from her or hate her for. As a result, the line has to remain. It is nothing that I am ashamed of in her. It is also nothing that I am proud of her for being. Like I said above, it’s like eye color. Why be proud of or ashamed of something that is innate?

There are a lot of things that make up who she is that I AM proud of. There are a lot of things that she is done that give me an inordinate amount of pride in her. Point of fact, letting me use her as the example in this blog is one. That this was started with her encouragement is one of those. That she is willing to share her name, without hiding, is an other. Those and the whole of her person and actions are the reasons I love her. That she is willing to love me and trust me without judging me, counts for much. You see, as an ex-addict, I think that MY actions are the ones that deserve to be judged by society, not hers. I chose to hate myself. She just lives and loves the way she is made. One set of actions is criminal, the other is not.

Anyway…marriage equality will not be the end of hate. *sigh* A ruling by the SCOTUS will not change the views of that portion of the population that have chosen to call my friend “perversion”, “abomination” and “the downfall of society” to stop. *editorial, I HATE writing those words in a post about someone I LOVE* It will, however, be the end of legalized persecution and repression. That will have to be enough.

This blog’s best day will be the one when I get to say “This is my friend, Z. She’s great. She’s a person I love.”



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