Out of Ideas Today

Ok, this is the third time I’ve started this one. I don’t know how many times I have started these without an idea. This is an other one.

I don’t feel like “throwing Z under the bus”, today. I am tired of pointing out that people that DO NOT know her are prejudiced against her. I’m not sure that I will ever be ok with the idea. I like and love her too much for that. I truly wish that she hadn’t allowed me to take that tack with these. It doesn’t feel like building up a friend.

Today, it seems like it is futile to point out how un-Christian it seems when we try to apply the rules we think are a part of our faith to issues that are of a civil nature. Pointing out that the USA is neither a democracy, it is a representative republic, nor a theocracy is not working either.

Guessing at a way to point out that we do not get to dictate who’s love has greater worth doesn’t seem to be working.

*editorial, impatience, mine, is NOT a virtue*

I’d write a post about how much you have in common with Z, again, but, she is unique…as we all are.

I’d write another bragging post about her but, I suspect, she gets embarrassed by them.

I’d write about politics, if I felt that marriage equality was an issue that should be politicized. I do not. I think that Human Rights should transcend politics.

I’m kind of out of ideas that I think are worth writing about today. Still, I committed to write, post a pic, or have a conversation every day. I don’t like posting pics because, I didn’t do the work. Can’t count on a conversation because I don’t know if it will happen. I’m left with writing. I prefer that because it forces me to think and takes effort. This should not be too easy. Z deserves me doing some work. A commitment that has no cost is a shallow commitment. That was never my intent. Maybe I’ll think of something in the morning before I post this. *sigh*
I have written posts about “accepting” and “tolerating”. I’d write one that says “I don’t care what Z does” except that would be a lie. I DO care what she does. I want her to do, and be, whatever it is that makes her happiest and is best for her. It’s just that I don’t think that being the way God created her is a bad thing.

I’d write a post about not understanding “hate”. The problem is that I do. I just don’t understand homophobia. I don’t want to either.

Maybe there just wasn’t anything to write about, this time.


I wrote that last night so I could post it this morning. I went kind of passive aggressive in it. I agree with the  first paragraph. I want to make it clear that I love Z to pieces. I use her as an example of how to live your life because I admire her. She has the courage to say “this is the way God made me.” Even as I write these, I will never understand how people don’t “get” that. I am no longer willing to try to understand it. I still wish there was a better way to build, though. Perhaps my words are inadequate to describe the thoughts in my head and heart.


This was what I was going to use as the second start of writing this post…

“How did this happen? Right now, there is a struggle. It is for a non-criminal tax paying group of citizens to be granted equality. Why? It seems to me that we are allowing ourselves to believe that we have a right to impose our views of what we think is “right” to cloud our judgement.”

The thought deserves to be explored,  just not today.


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