Steak and Eggs

We just had leftover steak and fried eggs for dinner. I didn’t ask my wife if she wanted any. I just made her’s while I was making mine. I know what she likes and, after some years of marriage, can predict when. You see, one of the things I enjoy doing most is doing nice things for my wife.

Right now, in the majority of the states, my friend Z, would not be allowed to do that simple thing. I think that is part of what really bugs me. I know that Z is not planning on getting married. What I want is for her to have the chance. I want for her to be able to have a wife to cook for or to cook for her. She deserves a chance at having someone that will spoil her merely for the joy of doing it. She deserves to have a chance at a wife that will cook steak and eggs for her.



  1. Z is an amazing person. I do wish for her the same beautiful blessings you hope for her to have. To have someone special to cook steak and eggs for her. Everyone deserves their piece of love & happiness. All the best to you and family.

    1. Thanks island traveler, I actually have someone to cook steak and eggs for. Just not on a permanent basis. That’s why I’ve got work to do.

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