The Case Against Marriage Equality

The case against marriage equality boils down to “it’s against my religion”. OK, I can respect, even if I disagree, with that.


The case for, in my instance, marriage equality is far more complex. These are in no particular order.

First. Human rights trump religious views.

Second.  I disagree that it is against my religion. I can find far more religious reasons supporting love without conditions than I can find against it.

Third.  Z. You knew, if you read these, that she would be a reason.

Fourth. Who am I to deny the chance to have a spouse to anyone that can find one. The best thing in my life is being married.

Fifth. Basic kindness dictates that wishing that others have the right to find love and safety where ever they might means marriage equality should be supported.

Sixth. There are probably more reasons but, that is enough for now.


I am willing to respect your belief that it  is against your religious views. I am even willing to respect the right of your denomination to prohibit marriage equality…within the confines of your denomination. What I will NEVER support is your ability to restrict marriage equality outside your denomination. A church is a voluntary organization. It’s members can leave at will. A society has no such protection. Therefore, it is our responsibility, as a society, to protect the rights of ALL the members of it. Restricting rights does not do that.


  1. I think of all the gay friends I have and the joy they feel when they have been able to be get legally married. Their commitment to each other is by far among the strongest I can see of all my friends. Love long!

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