Just to Clear Things Up

It is possible that I have given an impression that could be mistaken. I would like to make sure that I am not misunderstood.

I am Christian, male, and straight. My friend Z is Christian, female, and gay.

I find no contradiction in my faith between supporting Z. I believe that she was created by God to be the way she is. I believe that it was intended, by God, that I was put in this place to stand beside her. I believe that He put her in my life to be my friend and the first person that I go to when I need someone to pray. I do not believe that her life is “sin”. I believe that sin is an act of will and being gay is the way she was created. She did not choose to be gay. Therefore, it can not be sin because God does not create junk. My treasured friend is not junk.

Marriage equality does not threaten my marriage or my faith. It does reinforce the sanctity of marriage because it allows for more loving unions. Human rights are rights that are neither earned nor allowed. They are as basic as the air we breathe. Taking them away makes the takers less than human, not those who have those rights taken from them.

I will always support the rights of my friend Z. I will always believe that she is the way she was created to be. I hope this makes sure that no one has any doubt where I stand.

*Steps down off of soap box*


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